Fro-yo Fuzz: Red Mango

8:59 PM

A healthy lifestyle is a difficult path to walk on. I know it would be tricky to avoid fatty and oily foods, preserved goods, pastries and sweets but as long as we make a conscious effort to make the right food choices, eat fruits and vegetables and be more biased on all-natural products, then we can at least lessen the toxic stuff that we put into our bodies.

I'm not saying that all of us should be vegetarian! O.A. naman! What I'm saying is, eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and do a regular good food substitute for your cravings.

One of the good food substitutes is a frozen yogurt. For all the sweet-tooth out there, it's a good alternative for ice cream, slice of cake, doughnut or other usual dessert items.

The best frozen yogurt that I've tried so far in the metro was from Red Mango. Promise, no bull****, haha. I used to dislike fro-yos because when I first tried it, I hated its sour taste. And in order to mask that, I would put a lot of toppings just so it would taste like something else.

But when I tried Red Mango's frozen yogurt, it really tasted like ice cream. It has the right amount of sweetness to it that I absolutely adore. The yogurt's yummy flavor can even stand alone even without any toppings. Surprisingly, I learned that, their non-fat frozen yogurt contains no preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors and is made with 100% all-natural ingredients.

Another thing that startled me are their affordable prices. Because Red Mango store locations look very hip, posh and classy, I thought their products are expensive. But no! It's not exactly cheap either but just the same with other competing brands. The price is totally worth the cozy location and ambiance, friendly service quality, taste and experience.

Visit them, fro-yo all you want and treat yourself well!

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  1. i totally agree that frozen yogurt is one of the best healthy treats there is! - unless you pile it high with candy, which is exactly what i do!

  2. @Higgenbottom: Hahaha. That's what you should stay away from! All those fatty toppings :)

  3. yum! we just got an orange leaf (which is very similar). i am a regular there.


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