Yabu round 2!

8:30 PM

Went to another trip to Yabu with one of my closest college friends, DJ Boom, a local radio jock for 91.5 Big Radio.

Just in case you haven't noticed, I rarely blog about my real life friends and family (aside from my boyfriend). Again, this blog is a mix of personal and fashion entries but not personal enough. This is the reason why I think I have always kept my balance because I always know how to draw the line and to compartmentalize things.

This year, I guess I'm becoming more open to my friends, letting them in to the other realm that I'm also a part of - the blogging world. And so, I thought the best way to introduce it to DJ Boom is by treating him to a meal courtesy of Yabu!

Before the dinner, I paid him a visit to the radio station where he works. Let me share our 91.5 photo booth pictures!

I am ultimately a MORENA in person. Dunno why we looked so ghostly white! Haha
I love my hair! It was perfect that day! :)
Wearing centipede body harness c/o of Anagon!
DJ Boom, who wasn't such a big fan of katsus, was really skeptical since this was his first time. Pare-pareho lang daw lahat ng katsus na natikman niya. Rather than convincing him to believe me, I let the food speak for itself.

While waiting for our meals, he was pretty much amused with the katsu sauce making ritual! 

Pa-art shots of the sesame seeds coming your way!

Both of us ordered chicken katsu sets and with just one bite, I had DJ Boom on my team Yabu side!  

Is katsu just a food fad that will soon lay low after a couple of months? With Yabu, I don't think so. Bias aside, I really believe it has one of the best tasting katsus that I've ever had so far - soft, crisp and scrumptious. Nothing compared to other Japanese restaurants, really.

I would like to personally mention Sir Mon and Ms. Jessica of Yabu for the warm accommodation. They even gave us a free choco lava for dessert. Super thanks po!

P.S. Support my good friend DJ Boom (trivia: not his real name, haha)! Like his page on Facebook and follow him on Twitter!

Yabu: House of Katsu 
2nd Floor, Atrium, SM Mega Mall


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  1. Yummmy foood!
    Cute and fun photos <3
    Cute hair, too. :)


  2. @Claudine: Super yummy! Thanks for the compliments :)

    @Rovie: You really should!! :)


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