Dining Destination: The Burger Project

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If you are in dire need of a satisfying burger craving, then you better head to Maginhawa Street, Teacher's Village in Quezon City and look for The Burger Project.

It is one of the unique burger joints in the Metro because here, you have all the freedom to create your own burger. A form will be provided and you can choose the type of bun, burger patty (they cater to vegans too), cheese, fresh toppings and sauces that you'd like for your very own customized burger. You even get to name it yourself!

I created my "Style and Soul" burger which is made of:
  • Burger: Chicken, 2pcs (P95/each)
  • Bun: Oatmeal (P15/each)
  • Cheese: Mozzarella (P35/each)
  • Premium Toppings: Bacon (P25/each)
  • Basic Toppings: Egg (P20/each)
  • Free Toppings: Lettuce
  • Sauce: Garlic (P15/each) 

You'd probably think that my burger, which costs P300.00, is a bit expensive. Wait till you see how large the serving is! If you eat the way that I do, you can still share it with two other people. But definitely, I can say that its burgers are good enough for sharing. My blogger friends Aie and Aisa shared their "Paxie Corpuz" burger while I was able to take home my leftover. Without an extra patty, you would only have to shell out around P200-P250 for a burger. 

Thinking of getting the "Style and Soul" burger? Go ahead! I'm pretty proud to whip up something delicious! The garlic sauce was flavorful and the chicken burger was hefty to the belly. It's thick, juicy, soft and tastes 100% chicken.

Just in case you're not that experimental to the point that you're too scared to throw your money on something you probably won't like, well problem solved because The Burger Project cleverly offers equally appetizing burgers on the menu created by its very own chefs.

Of course, the dining is experience won't be complete without side orders. We absolutely loved the stuffed mozzarella sticks and crispy huge french fries! However, if you're looking for something else, it also has onion rings, buffalo wings, sweet potato fries and an array of drinks including milkshakes.

The Burger Project is definitely a must try. It doesn't only serve good food, the restaurant itself is a cozy tambayan with a homey feel to it.

(L-R) Sarah, Aisa, Catch, Reuben of Burger Project, Aie, Me, Ana
My first time at Burger Project was not only delightful but most of all, memorable. They sponsored our mini bloggers Christmas party which bonded us even more. Thank you so much for the invitation, we truly enjoyed our stay. Reuben Lanot, the owner of the restaurant (and Aisa's good friend way back college) was very accommodating and not to mention entertaining. I can't wait to try his other restaurants along Maginhawa, Pino and Brgy. Bagnet!

For each burger craving, you know where to go!

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Photo Credits: Catch G, Ana and Aisa


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  1. a Must try. Looks delicious! :)

  2. Sa tapat lang po ba yan ng Moonleaf? I shall include this on my Wednesday lunxh expeditions, prolly next week!:D

    Almira :)


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