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10:16 AM

Polka sheer top Thrifted | Skirt c/o Oxygen | Centipede body necklace c/o Anagon | Boots F-STOP

When Sendong struck Cagayan De Oro and Iligan in Mindanao a few days before Christmas last year, we knew we had to something. As a team, we at Bloggers United felt that in our own little way that we had to contribute. After seeing how much damage the typhoon caused, we really couldn't help it. And so, we went out of our way and organized a mini pop-up bazaar in partnership with Moonleaf. Together with a few bloggers, we sold our pre-loved items and donated the rest of the things we weren't able to sell. Moonleaf's marketing manager, Thyz, has accounted about P20,000 raised from the event plus a garage full of donated stuff.

It wasn't big but at it meant a lot to whoever received it because one of the most difficult things to do in life is starting over. And I just hope what we came up with was able to change even just one person, to move past this and live his life the way he used to.

Bloggers United Charity Site
Now, we are proud to have extended shopping for a cause by putting up Bloggers United Charity Site in partnership with Multiply. We would really like to thank Multiply for supporting all our endeavors and for believing in blogging's CSR side - community (not corporate) social responsibility.

Click to shop here!
When we first thought about it, we said, madali lang yan kasi charitable naman ang mga Filipinos. But of course, like any other projects, we realized that not everything is easy. We really need your help - either by shopping or by donating your wearable, good quality pre-loved items for us to sell on the site. Proceeds  will ALL go to our chosen charity. Aisa is currently in the process of talking with the possible beneficiary. We need to reach P20,000 first before we turnover the money. After that, the next accumulated P20,000 will be given to the next beneficiary.

DONATE to BU Charity Site
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  1. oohh it started already? will look for items that I could give :)

  2. Love love love the mullet skirt and your sheer top! xx

  3. Saw that mullet at Oxygen and I really had my eye on it! Looks sooo good on you, Melai!! :) And I love your Anagon harness! Oh my! So happy to see you during this pop-up bazaar! Miss you bigtime!


  4. Your necklace is awesome. Where did you get it? I don't even know what those things are called! Suspenders?

  5. The necklace is Fab!! Love it.

  6. I really adore Bloggers United for coming up with this charity site. Kind hearts will be rewarded. You guys are just awesome.

  7. The other day I found a dress that was sheer and black and had the same purple polka dots like what you are wearing. I'm kicking myself for not getting it now!

  8. first time to comment on your blog. just wanted to know where i can get the anagon body centipede body in love with it still available because it doesn't seem to be in her site, unless i am just not looking in the right places. Hope you can help me out & continued success, in life & in blog!♥


I appreciate anything you have to say. Thanks for dropping by. It means so much to me. Love, Melai

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