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The folks from Allura Body Contour and Slimming Center invited me over to their clinic a week ago to try a few of their services. I would definitely not lie to you about being interested to experience non-surgical weight loss treatments. I've never been to one and so, a visit to Allura was definitely my first time.

Allura, which is turning one year this 2012, focuses on non-invasive slimming technology. It centers on weight loss, reshaping and re-contouring one's body. According to Dr. Manuel Ma, one of the doctors behind it, one of the benefits of being relatively new in the industry is that Allura has the most updated equipment compared to its competitors. The slimming programs it offers do not just include the use of the equipment but also the consultation its medical team provides to the clients.

Allura is perfect for people who are:
  • Too lazy to work out
  • Too busy to squeeze exercise in their schedule
  • Expecting visible results in a short span of time
  • Willing to spend only a few minutes on weight loss 
  • Afraid to undergo surgery
It's always a plus to see clean hallways

Before getting started, I had a personal assessment. They referred me to Ms. Mari, one of their specialists, to evaluate my fat percentage, body mass index and to advise me on the kind of treatment appropriate for my body's needs. We had a quick discussion about my body type, which was characterized as pear-shaped. It means my upper extremities are normally lean but I am heavy down to my hips, thighs and/or legs. 

True enough, this is what I notice about my own body. I wear pants that are 2-3 sizes bigger not because of my waistline but because of how the jeans would fit my thighs. When I was younger, I get intimidated because my older brothers would tease me and call my legs "logs" instead (haha).

Ms. Mari added that no matter how I lose weight or what form of exercise I do, it would be extremely difficult to get rid of my natural body shape. Therefore she recommended a treatment that would target my localized fat in the thigh and tummy area - Lipo Cavitation (P3,500/session) and Lipo Endermology (P2,800/session). 

Nice and neat rooms
Step 1: Weight, height, fat percentage and body mass index measurement
Step 2: Check the results. I was diagnosed to be "overweight" by 5.5kg. Ideal weight is 50kg.
Target area: THIGHS! Pata!!
Lipo Cavitation uses ultrasound technology to break down fat tissue and converts it to expendable energy (Source: Press Kit).

First, an ultrasound gel was applied on my thighs. Then, the Cavitalipo machine was pressed on to it in circular motion. I heard a beeping sound that was an effect of being in contact with the apparatus (caused by ultrasound waves) and I felt a slight burning sensation.

Lipo Endermology is a mechanized body sculpting method that intends to reduce the size and volume of the treated area. It was done on my thighs and bilbil (belly bulges). I don't know how to exactly describe it but just to give you an idea,  during Lipo Endermology, I felt like my fats were being sucked and at the same time, the machine rolls over the target area to flatten it out.

Lipo Endermology Machine
The procedure requires the patient to wear a body suit. Too shy to show how funny I looked in it.
At level 2.5, it was a bit painful for me to tolerate. Couldn't imagine how level 5 would feel!
As a bonus, I also got to try their bestseller and most popular program, Thermo-Lipolysis (P5,500/session). It features a hi-tech capsule that is said to dissolve fat and speed up one's metabolism. 

It's like a tanning machine but what it does is it burns your fats, not your skin.
Had to change into this space suit-ish ensemble to protect my skin from the heat of the machine.
It resembles a sauna too. After the procedure, I was soaking wet with sweat!

My trip to Allura felt pretty good. It was like going to the spa to relax and at the same time lose weight. Before I end this entry, let me give you a quick rundown.

1. Price: All my treatments cost P11,800. I find it expensive for the working class who probably earn about the same amount monthly. But for rich people, they can definitely afford this. To further get a discount, check out their available packages!

2. Service: The medical team and staff of Allura know how to treat their clients well. Everyone is very friendly, prompt and hospitable.

3. Accommodation: The halls are clean and its rooms are all tidy and cozy. Plus, the whole clinic smells great too.

4. Results: It was only a one-day experience and I'm not in the position to say how effective the treatments are. A client should go through a program which is tailored to a specific need. Measurable and visible results would take about 8 - 20 sessions depending on the case. Allura also recommends multiple treatments because all its procedures go hand in hand.

If you don't mind spending on these treatments, by all means, go ahead! However, keep in mind that the key to a successful weight loss is maintenance. After achieving your ideal weight or body shape, make sure you watch out for what you eat.

We all wanted to be the best version of ourselves - physically, mentally and emotionally. Admit it or not, looking good on the outside gives that positive kick in the inside. Like what Allura's endorser and radio jock Nicole Hyala said, what you'll lose in pounds, you'll gain in confidence!

Allura Body Contour and Slimming Center
102 Richwell Center, Timog Avenue, QC
Telephone number: 352-7876
Visit them on Facebook


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  1. Wow! You're so lucky to have tried all those treatments!

    BTW. i'm lovin your bangs! xx

  2. "I wear pants that are 2-3 sizes bigger not because of my waistline but because of how the jeans would fit my thighs."

    Ah, me too!! And man, I would really love to try those. But money :( Oh well.

    Almira :)


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