"I Choose Tattoo" Final Billboard Photos

12:35 PM

Of course, expect me putting my photo up first! Haha. It was such a relief seeing that they chose a very decent photo. Thanks to America's Next Top Model, I channeled Tyra Banks in my pictures. Holla! Haha.

BTW, I go by my blog name Melai Entuna so I was wondering why they placed my full name. Argh. Hahaha. Kailangan talaga full? But I love it no matter whuut. 

Lauren Dado, said to be the very-first Filipino blogger in 1996, is one of my most favorite bloggers of all time. What I like best about her are her witty and sensible blog entries. After years of blogging, this girl never lost her fire and she's definitely staying on top!

The internet has given different people the chance to shine in their own way, like these Podcast sensations and Divine Lee's friends, Becky Nights!

Camille Co, the "it" female style blogger of 2011 is also part of the campaign. This is definitely her time to shine! With less than a year in the blogging community, Camille has definitely made it big time and won the admiration of several female bloggers here in the country. Dami niyang fans!

Bestie Konisis is my personal favorite as well. I've been reading her ever since I started blogging! Aisa and I have been talking nga that she's one of those bloggers that you really need to check out. Her style is unique and quirky with a touch of vintage flimsy that you'll totally adore! 

If you don't know this Giordano Philippines heiress, then you're missing out on a lot. Lloyda is another favorite (dami kong paborito!) because when I discovered her blog, I got hooked with her eclectic style. Now that she's a mom, her style has evolved into a more put-together and mature look but she never fails to put a twist to it! 

Domz Tiu, one of Tricia Gosingtian's friends and a member of Gondo Girls. She's also a brand ambassador for So Fab! shoes.

So here's one of my Bloggers United partners, Ana working out a sweet and innocent, shy look! Taray lang!

Isa pang mataray! I never imagined Ava being this fierce. She's so cheerful and sweet kasi in person. This girl worked it! 

Blog sister Aisa! Hindi naman awkward! Hahaha :)

One of my favorites again, Paul Jatayna! I have sooo much respect for Paul because he's original, he's passionate and he's a fashion daredevil who doesn't give a f*ck. He's the perfect role model for someone successful in his own field but really worked his way to it. Salute to you!

I recently discovered Helga's blog and I'm sooo glad I did. She's smart, talented and hilarious at times. Go to her blog now, she has a giveaway btw!

Big-boned beauties and Forever 21 ambassadors Danah and Stacy of Plump Pinays!

To see the complete list of bloggers and online personalities, check out Globe Tattoo's facebook page! Also, join the online movement and choose Globe Tattoo! Get the chance to join us in this LED billboard campaign by joining their contest and submitting your photos using the Globe Tattoo app!


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  1. Congrats Melai! :) way to go!


  2. Wow, you look amazing Melai! Ang taray ng pose mo! Congratulations! :)


  3. Cool ! Nice post :)


  4. Haaay, super nice talaga ng photos niyo! So proud of you girls! Si Ava looks very "fierce" indeed with her Anime fighter pose. Si Pax, very effortless lang ang dating...parang "Ang nice ng hair ko girl, devah?". Si Ana naman, parang ang pensive ng pose...mysterious ang dating. At ikaw, ikaw na ang may sensual, "come-hither" look ! Ilavet!


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