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Five young and up-and-coming stylists got one of the biggest breaks of their careers when top international retailer, Mango Philippines collaborated with them for its F/W 2011 collection fashion show held at The Plaza, Resorts World Manila.

The whole collection was divided into different aesthetic feels, with each theme styled by a corresponding stylist. They were Teej Nepomuceno, Myrrh Lao To, Patrick Galang, Bianca Santiago-Reinoso and Preview's editorial assistant Anna Canlas.

The stunning and forever fashionable Bianca Valerio hosted the event that was flocked by fashion philes from the industry and blogging community. Familiar runway super models like Pauleen Prieto, Ria Bolivar and Jessica Yang graced the runway.

Let's take a look at the F/W trends as interpreted by Manila's top stylists.

Modern Mystique by Bianca Santiago-Reinoso
The collection embodies the modern and urban working girl - casual yet chic, that can be worn from day's work to a night of cocktail drinks. The outfits were mostly made up of basic pieces like button-up tops, tank tops, blazers, with animal print accents. Colors like black, red, and a few neutrals dominated the whole collection.

Alluring Androgyny by Patrick Galang
When the word "androgyny" is juxtaposed with a powerful adjective such as "alluring", most people would instantly think of tailored blazers, suits and menswear-like pieces made sexy with a feminine touch. However Patrick Galang might have interpreted the theme a little bit differently. Most clothes used in this collection comprised of sexy tops, form fitting skirts, leggings and bodycon dresses. His palette mostly stuck to black with some white, gray and military green. He also played around with a lot of textures like fur, sheer, leather and accessorized using layer of belts and lace headpieces.

All the sets are wearable and appealing to the metro's fashion-forward woman. However it was short of that tough, manly-but-seductive feel. The collection was definitely sexy and edgy but I'm not quite convinced it's androgynous enough. However, the first two photos above incorporated the loose fitting pants, leather jacket, white polo, skinny belt used as pseudo necktie and denim jacket that fit the description of the collection. As for the rest of it, it gave more of as a sexy, edgy, street glam vibe which isn't bad at all.

Nudes and Neutrals by Myrrh Lao To
The looks presented in this collection were all pretty, feminine and casually chic that most girls would actually want to sport. The outfits were heavily layered but seemed really light to the eyes. Myrrh used lace, knit, silk, cotton and linen in shades of brown, cream and blush pink. Each look has a trademark draped scarf on it that created a refreshing effect.

Glamorous Getaway by Teej Nepomuceno
It was a thrilling array of animal prints perfect for a stylish jet setter. Print-on-print meets rock and roll, glam chic - that's the way to travel in style. The collection was one of the crowd favorites and it looked absolutely effortless yet totally fierce.

Oriental Opulence by Anna Canlas
Capping the fashion show was Preview's pride, its editorial assistant Anna Canlas' luxe collection. After four previous sets that catered more to the younger market, Anna broke the chain and went for a mature, high society class, single color blocking outfits in bold, jewel tones. One can easily imagine powerful, female corporate executives donning these looks while walking down the hallways of their empire.

Now that you've seen the collections, here are more off-stage action photos. It was a fashionably chaotic crowd who are just happy in the mere taking of photos and simply having a blast. I wasn't able to bring my camera so didn't snap much. Enjoy some of the photos!

I was an early bird I tell you! 7:30PM on the dot yeah. But the show only began at 9PM. Too late eh? But I made use of the time playing Sartorialist for that night and spotted these stylishly early, fellow bloggers!

(L-R) Tracy, Bjorn, Ava and Keigh

The team asked me to pose for their photo gallery segment. I shot them as well for some pay back baby :).

Glad to see Arizia (extreme right), the owner of Ritratohz photobooth. Please sponsor Bloggers United again this December! Haha! Hey I'm happy to see Nettie (extreme left) for the first time! 

Krizzy, Keigh and Ana wearing a kick-ass neck piece from her store Anagon!
Okay time for a group shot!
A few tables away... look who I spotted? These guys here! 

Glad to see a customer, Angel and her shy-type boyfriend! Seriously didn't know it was her. She looked great! What a transformation from the loose shirt and glasses that she wore during the glam camp bazaar. 

Hey here are the fearless Oxygen stylist Paul Jatayna and JP Singson's feisty momah!

I had a blast and I loved seeing my blogger friends again after quite a while. Up next: What I wore in this Mango luxe grunge themed event! Excited much to share with you what I came up with!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the inspiring photos, Melai. I'll attend the next Bloggers United, for sure. Trendy Karen regrets her absence in the first Bloggers United event.

  2. I really love Alluring Androgyny by Patrick Galang


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