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Bringing out the edge in anybody. This is what Saint Rebel Street (SRS) is all about.

If you’re going for looks that are tough and bad-ass, for sure, you shouldn’t miss this online store in your list. Saint Rebel Street (SRS) is a brand offering accessories that help “bring out the rebel inside you.”

Carla Apostol, a Visual Communication student from UP Diliman and owner of SRS, believes that her line would totally create a certain look and vibe that deviate from what most girls in the country would go for: dainty, cute, boho and vintage. SRS breaks free from these styles with hand-made jewelries that aim to elicit a kind of edge that will make you stand out on the street. Its pieces remain wearable enough on a regular day in school, to a club party later at night.

I personally like the store’s solid branding because not a lot shops dedicate itself to only one vision. Today, I’d see a lot of accessory stores selling a hodgepodge of items or boutiques mostly carrying girly, pretty and quirky pieces. You wouldn’t find any of those in its collections because Saint Rebel Street puts out a cohesive set of accessories that transform any outfit to edgy yet chic.

From a purely visual perspective, there’s something about edgy styles that make a woman look powerful, dangerous and independent as opposed to feminine looks that construct this “ideal” sweet, docile, damsel-in-distress and princess-pretty vibe. Which one would you rather be? The strong characteristics associated with the former are what I commend the most from Saint Rebel Street’s fierce accessories.

Its collection sprung out from the designer’s soft spot and special interest for elaborate body chains. Carla said that she had a hard time finding the exact designs that she wants in the malls. All that she could find then were only available on international online shops and cost way more than her budget. After getting her much needed sources of inspiration online, Carla began crafting her own accessories. “When I started wearing them (DIY accessories), other people wanted their own too. I made the pieces for them for a fee WAY lower than the prices of the real thing,” Carla recalls. From there, she began posting an album of body chains on Facebook and most of her collection got sold out. A lot of people responded really well to her products and she was motivated to produce more.

With Saint Rebel Street, almost everything is handmade. Carla stressed that she creates limited pieces on purpose in order to keep the value and uniqueness of everything she makes. “I believe every piece that comes from Saint Rebel Street is a work of art, so I don’t mass-produce as it gives me the impression of lowering the value."

Now, let me share with you some of my previous outfit photos featuring my brand collaboration with Saint Rebel Street!

Tassel earrings, bracelet and ring courtesy of SRS

SRS body necklace instantly transforms this girly floral trousers!

Dress courtesy of Oxygen, body necklace from SRS

The brand also keeps up with the latest trends like these feather accessories!

The brand has yet to take off in full colors but as early now, Carla hopes to get the business to continuously rolling, to join her first ever bazaar in the near future and to finally introduce a clothing line that would go well with her accessories.

Her items are pretty cool so check it out and it’d be worth your while!

Click here to go to Saint Rebel Street's page at Facebook and on Multiply.
Photos courtesy of SRS. Self portraits by JR Espejo.

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