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Most of us dress up based on our personal style or simply what we like, don't like or what's dictated by our gut feeling. Some of us dress to impress by keeping up with the latest trends. Nevertheless, whatever fashion choices we make, we all want the same thing - to look fabulously great (ain't that right?)! To assure that, (we have to admit) we put on clothes that conceal our flaws and highlight our best assets.

For Flattering Tops, flattering is the main top of the mind for the products that are placed in each of their collection. This is the brand that understands a woman's need to not only feel beautiful but most importantly, of course, look the part. Thus, they only have one goal: to continuously offer women figure-flattering wear.

For those who haven't heard of the brand, they started way back 2009 with sourced out pieces across Asia. Later on, the people behind the brand decided to work more closely with their manufacturer and no longer relied on the designs being presented to them. This business move led them to collaborate for their own designs and styles to ensure that each item released would be befitting to carry the label.

Their fashion philosophy? "You don't always have to wear something tight." (Tama!)

Flattering Tops reject the idea of wearing body hugging clothing for women to be sexy. Instead, they offer loose tops that would look smashing for any body type, hiding any problem area with its free flowing cut. What I like about them is that they encourage us to go for comfort [first] above everything else. I somehow feel guilty (and I know you are too, 'wag na magdeny) because there were times when I would sacrifice comfort all in the name of fashion.

The over-sized and laid back yet stylish tops from their store have been proven to be a perfect fit on different body types, from the thin to the ultra curvy, across all ages. The newest addition to the brand are their new bottoms like denim leggings and skirts in order to complete a flattering ensemble.

For our busy and hectic schedules, I'm sure we would all be needing that flattering top which we can wear in order to move freely and comfortably. Plus it would be easy for us to mix and match especially for those lazy dress-up days.

So come on, go ahead and flatter yourself! *wink*

This summer, catch Flattering tops at Rockwell's Summer Bazaar today (March 11) till Sunday (March 13). Expect new arrivals from their summer 2011 collection and get hold of their fresh designs and must-have travel wear! If you can't make it, you can always go shop online!

Flattering Tops' Summer 2011 collection

For online orders, reselling or more details about Flatter Tops, here are their site lin

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  1. Oh wow, you're right! Those are really gooooood tops. Mahilig ako sa mga ganyan. Hahaha! (Ones that hide the flabbies.)

  2. WOW!!! i seriously love the TOP!!! really beautiful and very casual too...


  3. Beautiful collection. Very chic and young

  4. wow! Nice tops!! bagay to sakin ;]] haha pra d halata ung bilbils.. wooot!! <3

  5. nice tops!
    baggy and chic.



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