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Giving back.

For most people, going to the recent Rockwell Coachella bazaar was a great way to score awesome and affordable finds. On my end, I went to the bazaar with Aisa a few weeks ago only to visit my blog sponsors, extend my thanks and just really show them how grateful I am to them for sponsoring my blog giveaway (currently open, to join click here). That's one of the most sincere gestures that I can do for them.

Note: If you notice shifting photo quality, it's because my some of the photos were taken using my boyfriend's DSLR and some were taken using my digi cam.

We enjoyed socializing with familiar people from the online world and we satisfied ourselves with a healthy dose of window shopping!

First stop - the booth of Paradigm Shift, Soule and OS. Karl's not around because he has a nursing duty but still, it was really nice seeing the gorgeous FFT gang! Nicole of Soule Phenomenon was wearing a top from F-STOP while Mike and Paul, the two fasyon daredevils were as fab as their unique products!

Nicole wearing a leopard top from F-STOP shop vintage.

We channeled Mike's fierceness in his outfit shots. Win one of their Paradigm Shift shirts in my giveaway!

Fashionably late: Then the sexy and ever youthful and beautiful Kookie Buhain arrived!

Mga ate! Do I look like I'm the youngest (by a lot of years, guess)?
Why did the beauty gods didn't shower me with such beauty and youthfulness? Oh why? Haha

Group shot with creative and artistic individuals! Paul's wearing OS bones necklace.

I then dragged Aisa to Flatterbuy's booth and akalain niyo, she was one lucky girl! Jacqueline, the owner, asked her to choose any item in her booth. Swerte di ba? Aisa got a few items all for free! I lost Jacq's photo with me but it felt really great to come up to her, formally introduce myself and thank her personally for all the pretty turbans Flatterbuy donated for my blog giveaway!

Aside from lovely set of turbans, Flatterbuy has an extensive collection of eye candy accessories!

Intricate bib necklaces!

Also made a stop over at Reg's Peace. Love. Fashion. booth! It's funny because JR (the boyfriend) finds her and Ana to be look-a-likes. He even thought they are related and kept on insisting it. Haha.

Another diyosa in sight. Kainis! Haha joke dear!

Who else did I bump into? My co-star Danica in the mini TV series that I did for last January 2011 and the Policios twins.

Fab Policios twins.

After making rounds inside Rockwell Tent, we dropped by another sponsor's booth: Flattering Tops! The owner, Diana and I talked about my blog giveaway (another plug: still open) and her interest in donating to Bloggers United. She's so gorgeous, generous and friendly that Aisa instantly loved her. Aisa even joked about Flattering Tops sponsoring her blog too and Diana was like, "Sure!"

It was unexpected to see my photo displayed on their booth. haha!
Flattering Tops made my modeling dreams come true at least for 3 days. haha!

Aisa's pick (taray kakambal na fabric ng maxi skirt ni Dary Chang!) and my Audrey Hepburn choice!

With Flattering Tops owner, Diana

We met other fellow bloggers on the way before our last stop; Ylla Shoes. The brand also donated to Bloggers United and as we approach their space to introduce ourselves and express our heartfelt gratitude, we were shocked, most of the owners were men! How cute is that?!

Aisa and I with the adorable men of Ylla shoes selling ballet flats and sandals!

Finally before leaving, we ate some yummy Iskrambol and showed some love to another blog giveaway donor, Roma of Popjunklove! Get a chance to win these accessories!

Hitting two birds with one stone: Accessories for the color blocking trend that are made of recycled materials!

Fashionably green: cheapskates scrabble, bottle cap, lego and button rings!

Goodbye coachella! We wrote on their freedom wall as proof our attendance.

Here's an art shot for you Aisakins :)

Sisterhood. Love you teh! <3

Before going inside the house, took a night shot of what I was wearing at the hall/corridor of my apartment building.


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  1. sayang i didn't see you girls :(( love the coachella look, melai!!

  2. I love the photos Melai!:) lovely outfit!

  3. Saw your outfit up close cause you were just about 5 inches in front of me at the entrance, haha! I love it! :-)

  4. Love the outfit! If there's anything I miss about the Philipines, it's definitely shopping for cloooothes!!!
    Looks like you had a lot of fun! Kakaiinggit! :DD

  5. omg mukha akong tanga sa photo with mike! hahaha. but it was a fun visit!:) yey to bazaars!

  6. Thank you so much for ur sweet comment :)
    Love all your photos. looking great x

  7. I just saw this post Melai. Thanks :) and oh..sorry I wasn't able to reply about Iskrambol's participation in your bazaar. I think I was doing something then tapos I forgot about the text. :( I actually just remembered it now...sorry again...

  8. Melai!!!! Now ko lang nabasa ang post na itei! Natawa ako sa fierce look photo niyo with Mike! Mike na Mike lang talaga ang look. I love the shots here! Bibili na talaga ako ng Canon! (Wait, Canon gamit mo di ba?). :)


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