Two days to go before F-STOP's latest collection!

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Liquid jacket F-STOP (Fashion Stop) SHOP ASIAN | Floral top Thrifted | Leather skirt Thrifted
Pink combat boots F-STOP (Fashion Stop) SHOP ASIAN | Blue bib necklace c/o Impulse Co.

Originally, I wanted to become a media practitioner. Nothing in particular. I can be a producer, writer, director, production manager, reporter, anything related to media and public affairs. The idea is still at the back of my head but for some reason, I've been thinking... maybe being an entrepreneur is what I ought to be. Hmmm...

I've been dedicating and consuming most of my hours taking care of the business. I've had sleepless nights thinking how to take the next step, editing photos, doing accounting, shipping, dealing with clients and shoppers, packaging and checking out the latest SHOP ASIAN merchandise to keep up with the market's preferences, thrifting for SHOP VINTAGE stocks and constantly updating the shop in order to solidify F-STOP's online presence despite the existence of hundreds of online shops out there. All of these on my own, without a clear background on business. The store is actually making some good progress little by little but I just can't wait to boost its growth further.

As of now, aside from overseeing the up-and-coming BU Website, I'm very hands-on in making layout improvements on F-STOP (Fashion Stop). Let me tell you, self learning HTML shiz is making me crazy! It's really, really, really time consuming, as in. While F-STOP's new layout is still in the process, I recently shot my latest SHOP VINTAGE collection last week.

Before we shot this collection, I've decided to maximize my time and be more efficient in taking photos. Before, I was a one-woman team. I did everything from prepping, styling, modeling and had my boyfriend to be my own photographer. Since I started, we've been shooting outdoors together (kami lang dalawa talaga) and even though we produce awesome pictures, location shoots are such a hassle. This time, I tried a new method, doing it inside a photo studio and finally asked help from my friends.

I was surprised when they agreed to help. Even though my friends are not into fashion, they were willing to put up with all the effort entailed in a photo shoot. Until now, I'm just so grateful because they made the work load much, much, lighter. We finished everything in four hours! Ang bilis! Note: 60 pieces of clothing. Unlike before, it always takes me and JR the whole day to shoot on the field, plus the heat was exhausting!

Two of my high school friends modeled along with my new blogger muse, Jonessa of Scarlet April. Here are some photos in the collection. To see more, check out my teasers!

Poly, my high school barkada. Would you believe she was once FAT? Yep, she has shed all those pounds!

Another high school friend, Joy. Since then, she has always been the bombshell of the group.

Here's Jonessa of Scarlet April. Such a cutie! :)

Jonessa nailed it! She was the perfect choice! Not only is she photogenic, but very easy to shoot as well. Ilang shots lang, okay na. Plus, all my prepared outfit sets fit her like a glove. Of course, my friends were a bit intimidated by her because they were neophytes in this kind of experience and took quite some time to get the shots. Pero I made sure I kept them encouraged with my famous line, "Keri mo yan teh!"

Happy, happy lang yung shoot! It went smoothly and I'm just glad with the positive outcome and flattering feedback from those who've seen the collection teasers. When it comes to work, I really make sure I'm on top of my game. Sometimes I can be intense. However, this particular shoot had good vibes from start to finish.

To my friends, I love you! I'm always used to doing things alone. But you reminded me again and again that I don't have to be. All I need to do is ask. Jonessa, you'll be my muse now! We finally met in person and you are such a sweetie. Super thanks! Pag may nakadiscover sa'yo, ako na manager mo, chos!

To my boyfriend, thank you because ever since I started walking down the e-trepreneurship road, you were by my side.

It was really a collective effort and I would really appreciate it if you guys help us reap the fruits of our labor by helping us promote this collection through your social networking sites.

Blog, tweet, FB status it! Help F-STOP promote.

More photos from the collection! Lots of pretty and stylish affordable clothes to splurge on!
Mark your calendars. This coming Saturday, 8PM, I'll open the collection at


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  1. aww melai!Thanks for asking me to do this, for being so friendly to me that I didn't feel out of place (though i did feel shy haha!) and just for seeing a "potential model" in me. Super i had fun nung shoot kasi like you said "happy happy nga lang" and because i finally got to meet you in person and meet your supportive bf and friends who were all so nice to me! Thank you so much! :)

  2. @Jonessa: You deserved it! Yes I saw the potential in you :) No, thank youuuu for doing it for me! :) I really appreciate it! :)

  3. Goodluck on your collection. I remember modelling also for the thrift finds that a friend of mine (also a blogger here in cebu) sell online. sad to say, law school got in the way of her online shop. photo shoots and dressing up are always fun when done with the best of friends :)

  4. wow good luck on the collection melai!


  5. I just found your blog on lookbook and i already love it, following you. Hugs!!! // Soha Mokdad

  6. Grabe Melai, I'm so happy for you! Congrats with the new collection and more power to you! :)

  7. oh you have a very nice and interesting blog!! I like your blog :)
    mind to visit and follow me? I'll follow you back then :)

  8. oh you have a very nice and interesting blog!! I like your blog :)
    mind to visit and follow me? I'll follow you back then :)

  9. I love those doc marts very much !
    They add spunk to the outfit :)

  10. i love your boots and leather jacket dear, looking adorable <3


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