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Dress and hat F-STOP (Fashion Stop) SHOP VINTAGE | Belt Thrifted | Boots Thrifted

This announcement is a month-old late. I know, all the excitement about my blog anniversary giveaway has died down and I apologize to all my readers who waited patiently and enthusiastically to find out who my winners are.

Before I declare the lucky chosen three, I would like explain why I took a month-long break. As much as I hate to be defensive, I can't help it since I've gotten touching mails from readers who really missed me and my blogging. Honestly, the choice was really difficult for me to make but it was the most sensible thing to do because all the stress and pressure that I've undergone from organizing the recently concluded Bloggers United Bazaar (BUB) had me burnt out, exhausted and uninspired to blog.

Since I value quality over quantity and ratings, I would definitely feel guilty and unsatisfied if I blog about style but without the soul that I usually put in my entries. Style and Soul has always aspired to make a difference and that's not going to happen if I sacrifice the standard of writing that I've always set for myself.

For the month of May, I've set my priorities straight and that was to focus and dedicate myself to working my ass off just to make sure that we don't screw up BUB. We are only three in our team (with Aisa and Ana) and we had to get the job done as if we were 10 in the group. It was a make or break moment, since there was a lot of hype about the event, many were counting on it, it was a trending topic on twitter and the expectations that we had to meet are as high as the sky.

After the event's huge success, after all the compliments and kind words, I really feel blessed and thankful to the Lord and to all our supporters for making our own sacrifices and hard work all worth it. We're now reaping the fruits of our labor and I'm just thankful that we managed to survive our first-ever experience of producing an event.

Again, thank you to all my supportive, loyal, patient and understanding readers and F-STOP clients. I've lost touch and lacked updates; I know, I know. But I really plan on making up for it. I don't want to promise anything but I want to give back to everyone who has always been there for Style and Soul.

Thank you for all the love despite the long wait and I welcome you guys back to the blog that you've always loved. I love you all!

And now, for the giveaway winners:

3rd Prize Winner: Karen Chayne Sanchez

You won the following:
1) Archive Clothing top, 2) Fab Manila Sadie bag, 3) Penshoppe eco bag, 4) WAWG floral scarf, 5) Fab Manila tag
6-8) Anagon twisted headband, feather earring, dream catcher necklace, 9-10) Curls & Twirls bow band & bangle
11-12) Unique Creation charm headband & rings
, 13) 1pc of 30% off coupon from Trunk Show, 14) P250-worth of GCs from E!

2nd Prize Winner: Vanessa Bohn Cabiles
You won the following:
1) Auxmanila printed top, 2) Dainty Shop leopard dress-top, 3) Archive Clothing pencil skirt, 4) Izzo Shop sling bag,
5) Unique Creation headband, 6) Flatterbuy turban, 7) Fab Manila luggage tag, 8) Unique Creation accessories
9) P500-worth of GCs from Gold Dot, 10) 1pc of 30% off coupon from Trunk Show, 11) P250-worth of GCs from E!

Before I reveal who won my first prize, I would like to thank everyone who joined my contest. I would like you to know that it wasn't easy for me to pick the "best answer" because I value all your entries. Reading them was enjoyable and it was humbling to know what you guys think of Style and Soul. I'm more inspired to strive for the best because of you guys!

1st Prize Winner: Bene

Please send me your contact details because you won the following:
1) Auxmanila biker jacket, 2) Paradigm Shift shirt, 3) Auxmanila printed harem pants, 4) Flattering Tops loose shirt, 5) Flattering Tops jeggings,
6) Fab Manila reversible denim-printed bag, 7-8) Flatterbuy pink turban & floral turban 9) Unique Creations charm bracelet,
10) Anagon rings (2pcs), 11) Saint Rebel Street accessory loot, 12) Fab Manila luggage tag, 13-14) Penshoppe notebook & hand gels (2pcs)
15) P1,000-worth of GCs from Gold Dot, 16) 2pcs of 30% off coupon from Trunk Show,
17) Popjunklove embellished tee and ensemble/accessories from the model (see options here)

Winning entry:
Perhaps, the best thing that this blog brings is a dose of fashionable ups and downs. While fashion blogs are usually centering on fanciful posts, you always inject an emotion, a learning, a random thought, or even a seemingly senseless line or two. Such encounters make me (and the rest of your readers) feel you in a "more real" sphere, basically because we can relate, and translate.

Going over a number of your entries I like, I have to give your LIVING WITHOUT RULES my two thumbs up for it's candid, surprisingly poignant, and very inspiring. I guess that people our age always have these thought bubbles that float inside us, above us, and below us. We tend to think, not think, and rethink, all at the same time, all at an alarmingly short span of time. We are often too caught up with our passions, and what we think are passions are, only to wake up one day, and realize that such passions pull us down, and drag our feet.

Thank you for representing the whims and wishes of twenty-something people who are ecstatic to get their lives rolling, in spite the tough curves and unforeseen detours. Thank you for giving light to those who've spent their lives shooting down goals, only to come to a halt. Thank you for taking time to share your weaknesses that are the same hurdles that typical young adults face. And most of all, thank you for inspiring me (and a good number of your readers), the inverted idealism way. What I've learned (or should I say re-learned) from your post:To keep going forward, to keep wishing, to continue aiming, and to never lose the faith in fate. :) I want to see a TOGA FASHION post soon!

Congratulations to all my winners!
Don't fret if you didn't win because I have more giveaways coming soon!
Again thank you to all my lovely sponsors!


Items will be shipped depending on my schedule within next week.
Winner will be notified via e-mail as well.
3. For the 1st prize winner who didn't leave her contact details, please get in touch with me.

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  1. Melai, I'm really happy you're back to blogging. I really am :) You look beautiful as always x x x

  2. congratulations to all the winners :) it's so glad to have you back in the blogosphere. too bad i missed the blogger's united affair. hopefully, i'll see you the next time. take care!

    much love,

  3. love the dress!!! and those boots!!! :P btw, can i just ask, where do you take your photos? you have always the best backgrounds in your outfit shots! :)

  4. @Estelle: Aaaaaw. I really appreciate the warm welcome. Super thanks for welcoming me back :) I'm soooo touched.

    @ThePinkMargarita: Sayang nga but I hope to see you next time! :)

    @Dominique B: Ano ba sis, sa UP lang lahat ng photos ko! Hehehe :) Thanks!! I'm glad you liked my dress and boots :)

  5. Congrats to the winners!!! :) <3 Thank you Melai! :))

  6. Congrats sa winners! Namiss ko basahin entries mo! And Melai, ang super nice mo in person. Yung pagtawag and pag-approach mo sa'kin nung BUB, malaking bagay yun for me kasi I really wanted to meet you and Ana. :) Thank you! :)

    And ang ganda mo, teh. Haha.

  7. Hi Melai! Nice to see you're back. Congrats again to the success of Blogger's United. Great job! :) I'm so sorry I wasn't able to go since I had work. By the way, though I missed seeing your posts, I do feel the same about posting quality, not quantity. Soul is everything!

  8. Thanks Melai! I may skip some of your post but everytime I got to see one I really feel euphoric. Your taking pics pala from UP lang. I didn't recognize ha! Its nice nga. By the way, I love the dress! :))))))))



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