Where have I been all this time? The BLOGGERS UNITED back story

2:30 PM

I've taken a long blogging hiatus without prior notice because I decided to focus on one of my biggest projects this first quarter of the year - the recently concluded, most anticipated, well-attended and highly successful, BLOGGERS UNITED: An Interactive Shopping Affair.

On the left: the poster that didn't make it. What do you guys think? Created by Edrick Bruel

I still have a hangover of the event and everything seemed to have happened in a flash. For all the kind words and compliments that our team has been receiving, I would like to offer everything to the Lord, to whom all credit is due. The event wasn't perfect and had its own flaws too but God really guided us to find a way out of every road block that we've ran into.

Now that it is all over, I just feel incredibly blessed that all our efforts, stress, pressure, passion and hard work in creating this event yielded results that are beyond my expectations. I'm really proud and at the same time, humbled by the amazing experience Bloggers United has brought us.

Since I've been quiet and low key the entire time that we've been organizing the event (proof? my last entry was April 28! waah.), it's about time for me to take you through a few things behind the Bloggers United Bazaar (BUB).

How did we come up with BUB?
Months before Honey's bloggers closet sale last January, I've already proposed BUB to Aisa and Ana. The blogger yard sale held in Indonesia served as my inspiration for it. Back then, we were reluctant to push through with it because we got scared of the risks involved. However, the mini garage sale was the turning point that made me corner both Pax and Ana and lobbied my way to convince them both to be 100% on board with the project. After all that persuasion, the three of us finally got down to business to make it happen.

We started to build a solid branding for the team by setting up a website and facebook page. Karl referred the uber gifted Edrick Bruel to design our official logo and stand-out poster. Ana was assigned to man the site and with the help of our blogger friends, the Bloggers United website went up and running. Some of our contributors include Ava, Krissy, Denise, Reg, Mai, Kisty and many more.

There's always that "beyond fashion" angle to it
Blogging has become a powerful tool to inspire and influence the public on how they think, behave and spend. But more than that, Bloggers United, wants to use that power in order to make an action in spreading social awareness and issues to our fellowmen. Thus, we've set a meeting with K.I.D.S. Foundation to partner with them so we could show our support to their educational programs by donating to the 1) Isang Milyong Aklat, Isang Milyong Pangarap and 2) 100KIDScholars projects.

Events are very expensive to produce. Since we couldn't afford to spend money from our pockets, I designed a marketing kit while Aisa, using her powerful marketing skills closed most of the deals that we have. Our tandem would often attend meetings with brands and I aided her in presenting the details of the events to interested sponsors.

The Lounge in Malayan Plaza hotel was packed with shoppers and guests! A big thanks to all our participating bloggers because we owe a big chunk of our publicity to them.

Bloggers United started from scratch. We had nothing to begin with except for a letter I drafted that was addressed to invite bloggers to support and participate in our event. A counted few were pessimistic boarding on cynical about the project but a lot of them responded positively. The time that I lost for personal blogging was allotted to drafting important documents for the team since I handled communications, letters and liaison plus logistics and production management.

Again, thank you to all the bloggers who agreed to be a part of it!

Lissa Kahayon is one of the most generous and most humble top blogger that I've ever met. She arrived as early as 8AM at Malayan and she had no qualms on all the mess, heat and disorganization that she saw. Aisa and I are such fans, really!

Pumped by the Plumps! The Plump Pinays Danah and Stacy have been really supportive of us. There were times when I wanted to give up on hosting the event because I was dead tired and I'm not sure if anyone was listening at all. But these two sweethearts made me feel great about what I was doing and have been a great source of energy and inspiration.

Aside from Lloyda Lim and Denise Lozada, I've been a fan girl since forever of Kookie Buhain and the FFT members Karl, Mike and Paul. They've been 100% supportive of us all throughout, from beginning to end, and they've been always vocal and all-out on standing right behind our backs. Since I've met them till now, nothing has really changed and I'm in awe at how they've remained as down-to-earth as ever!

Over all, Bloggers United Bazaar was a huge success and in behalf of the whole BUB team (Aisa and Ana), thank you to:
1) all the bloggers who supported our event. Your presence was part of the event's triumph.
2) all our guests for coming, bongga daw ang sales ng mga bloggers because of you!
3) all our sponsors because we wouldn't pull this off without your sponsorship
4) all the volunteers who really dedicated their time and effort to help us out during the event

As early as now, people have been requesting for a part 2 and sponsors have shared their interest to support the next event that we'll have. THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of you who have uplifted our spirits and have supported the project since the beginning. You guys are truly awesome!

Though I've consumed myself to the core that day - thus the lack of photos and the haggard face all day, though I haven't met my readers and haven't got the chance to bond with everyone because we were crazy busy, though I lost part of my personal life and have left my online shop hanging for a few weeks, I'm really thankful (100 times ko na ata nasabi, haha but I won't get tired of thanking) to God and to everyone.

I love you all, I really do! Thank you for putting us, Bloggers United on the blogging map!


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  1. Congratulations on the success of your event, Melai! I wish I had made i,t but since it looks like you'll be having another one, I'm counting myself in on that!

    Have a wonderful day and keep spreading the love! :)

  2. congratulations on this very successful event melai! we here in Cebu are very jealous that you guys made this event happen...and we were wishing we could have attended it.hehe. <3

    so proud of you talaga!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥
    SALE at shopyapi.com

  3. It was nice meeting you Melai!!! You kept the event lively with all the giveaways=) haha...

  4. It really, truly was a day to remember. You and Pax and Ana are STARS. <3 until our next!

  5. aww congrats again, babe! you worked hard and it certainly paid off!:) cheers to that!

  6. Babe super love you for your hosting skills! =) cu soon!

  7. Melai!

    It was so lovely meeting you!
    You are uber nice grabe!!!
    Great hosting skills too!:)

  8. You're back in blogging! :) I do hope there's a part two! Congrats on your success :D

  9. love working with the PAM! yay! congratssss!!!!

    charles here:))


  10. Congratulations with the success of BU. looking forward again for the part 2, hehe! :) btw, i've met u before sa Tomato event. Hope to see you again in the next event! mwah!


  11. @Shopgirl jen: Yes I remember you, of course! Thanks for coming over to BU! Yes till next time :)

    @Charles: Your help meant the world to us! You are awesome and I couldn't imagine how registration would have survived without you and gela. Thanks!

    @Mestizay: Aaaw thanks! :) You looked fabulous that day and thanks for supporting us!

    To all our blogger friends: Thanks for the support and for all your kind words! :)

    @Number two lover: Thanks dear :)

  12. Congrats, Melai! :) Congrats to Aisa and Ana as well! :) Sa susunod, pwede ako magvolunteer na tumulong sa inyo? I really wanna be a part of something like this. :) And again, thank you for approaching me! Nakakatuwa na you recognized me. Ang nice mo super. :)

  13. @Nariese: Ano ka ba?! Bat naman kita hindi papansinin eh lagi tayong magka-comment on our blogs. :) Mukha namang ewan if in person I don't talk to you! Ano ka ba, hinahanap talaga kita kasi I expected you'd come. :) Nice seeing you! Sorry bati-bati lang kasi busy but super thanks for coming over. I'm so touched. Thanks for welcoming me back :)


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