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Intimate, private, exclusive.

Yesterday, I attended the sneak preview of Oxygen's F/W collection. Imagine, the clothes presented to us are the items that will be showcased by the brand this coming May fashion week. When I arrived at the venue (Ascott, Makati City), I was completely shocked to see how truly restricted the number of invited people were - about more or less a total of 20 people in the room. (Thanks Krissy for the invite!)

I felt awkward at first because the other half of the room was filled with the directors and designers of the brand, the PR representatives, a few people from the fashion industry like Mike and Carlos Concepcion, siblings Vicky and John Herrera, a couple of magazine writers and a few bloggers (so kami-kami lang din yun). I felt privileged to be a part of it but I just felt sooo awkward because I don't know how to interact with non-fellow bloggers, haha.

We were asked not to post photos of the collection in our blogs; since it is still partly confidential as of now. But to give you a visual idea, the items are casual and wearable but very high-street. Oxygen considers it as a notch higher than its May-July collection. I say, it is like an extension of some of the pieces that the brand has recently released but this particular set of clothes are more tailored, edgy and modern but with a relaxed feel to it.

Some of the bloggers had the chance to try on the clothes but I'm just sooo lazy to try them on, hahaha. My blogger friends (Aie, Ana, Ava, Krissy, Aisa, Vern) would want to take home the clothes na, haha. I personally loved the collection. They carry amazing detailed cover-ups, tops, dresses, pants and blazers that I'm very sure I can see Karl, Mike, Kookie and Laureen wearing. I liked a lot of their men's line for myself as well, hihi.

After the event, we helped Aisa pull out clothes and shoes for her styling stint and then ate at Cibo. Then, we did major Oxygen shopping! Thank you Oxygen!

Photo credit: Ava (L-R: Ed, Krissy, Aie, Ava, Mich, Aisa, Me, Vern, Ana)

The collection is a surprise for you guys. Watch out for it on May 1, 2011 (a day before my birthday). Meanwhile, enjoy Oxygen's spring/summer 2011 collection, New Hippies: The Art of Doing Absolutely Nothing.

Monochromatic, loose and relaxed style.

Comfy cotton clothes and sheer madness.

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  1. i have a few oxygen pieces as well. i love how their clothes have a casual but cool vibe :)

  2. The collection looks really good
    loving youre blogs new look :)


  3. love how you did the entry, melai!:) creative as always!

  4. ♥Love your blog♥

  5. ganda nga ng s/s'11 collection! parang laidback ng photoshoot! excited to see the big reveal, melai :)

  6. the tops looks sheer and comfy..

  7. Great collection of looks! I saw at your previous posts shoes from gold dot. I'm from Europe, living now in Norway, do you know how can I get them or give me some link to online shop? I tried to google it, but... still don't know!


  8. Oh look at them models flinging their hair about. Haha. :)

  9. their spring/summer campaign looks pretty cool..can't wait to see what their next collection looks like :)

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