The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.

12:18 PM

Cut-out heels courtesy of Trunk Show | Neon tank top Greenhills | Washed pants Thrifted
Long cover-up Vivienne Westwood | Leopard bag Thrifted | Accessories Random

We all wanted to be a better version of ourselves. On my part, I'm not aiming to be perfect. I lived most of my life trying and it never worked for me. It just got... well frustrating (what else, haha). If you think about it, the more we force ourselves to meet the standards of other people, to have them look at us the way we want them to, the more disappointed we get.

I give up on being a perfectionist because I wanted to open myself up to the idea of personal growth without sacrificing excellence. Everyday, I just consciously struggle to be a better person. More patience, more understanding, more kindness and humility - a few of the things I always pray for.

Usually, when things don't go my way, I would feel defeated. These past few days, I have reasons to feel so down - a major company raket was cancelled,
I had to refund around P10,000 worth of out of stock Asian Fashion shoes and apparels, the increasing number of bogus buyers shopping in F-STOP lately, the stress and challenges of a project we're cooking up, plus life, family and personal feats. It's valid to be upset (right?). But I'm happy that I didn't let it get to me. I learned to let go and stayed composed instead of usually being sooo stressed out.

God is really helping me take that step to becoming a better version of me. I'd definitely keep on walking forward.
As of now, I stay positive! Expect loads of freebies for my blog anniversary giveaway this April, a surprise event you wouldn't want to miss and (hopefully) regular blog posts from me, haha.

Before I leave, one question: What has changed in you that made you feel like you've become a better person this year?

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  1. "Everyday, I just consciously struggle to be a better person."----I love this. I think we are a different person everyday, at least that's how I see myself. different circumstances, different reactions. we are who we are with the decisions that we make each and everyday.

    and to answer your question, it's having my Dad hospitalized. it didn't changed me in a super major way and turned me into a saint overnight. It's more of lessening my complaints. We have our dad with us, he's laughing, walking and still joyous..everything else seems mundane.

    btw, love your shoes and bag!!!

  2. I love these shots of you! :)

  3. I hope everything turned out fine Melai, you're a strong person naman, ^^.

    For me, what changed me (lately) was for the first time in years, the boyf and I were again in a long distance relationship. I didn't realize how hard it would be again. I actually had to relearn doing things alone. Am still learning and coping now. Sabi nga nila, baby steps, ^^

  4. Great outfit, I love how you put it together. I especially love the neon green top. Awesome!


  5. hi miss melai. this post of yours is an inspiring entry.not only do you display a good fashion sense, you also show us how good you seem to handle situations that's been pulling you down. i myself am trying to be optimistic with life's challenges. its meeting new people and knowing how they keep up with their own life's trials makes us carry the positive vibe in ourselves.linking your blog to our site. hope you do follow and link us too. thanks and more power to you! :)

  6. before anything else, i definitely love the burst of neon in your outfit. <3

    and to answer your question, i don't really know the exact specific moment where i decided to be a better version of myself..i guess with the open feedback practice in the call center industry, we were always subject to constructive feedback on our work ethics and also on our attitude...having handled a team of 10-15 agents really showed me how people get affected with my attitude..i'm proud to say my childhood friends definitely saw a change in me...i used to be very uptight and temperamental.hehe.

    ps. i hope everything is alright with your shop, personal life now...if not, things will get better. <3 i might e-mail you this week to ask a few advice in starting up shop..*wink*

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  7. That outfit really looks great on you. I love the silhouette the entire ensemble produced. :) I'm glad you're taking on the challenges with your head up. Not a lot of people can say they can handle these things.

  8. I love neon yellow and can't seem to stop wearing the top I've got on that color.. you look awesome and I like how you paired it with those washed-up jeans and leopard print bag.. really cool.. take care!


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