Another acting stint

9:16 AM

Candid photo of me while waiting for a scene take.

Kim Alcoreza, the hair and make-up artist with her uh-maazhing hair.
Check out her beauty blog!

Sasha Palorames, the very talented cinematographer.

A fresh breed of young filmmakers will showcase their potential and talents in the upcoming Likha Adarna student film festival brought to you by UP Diliman's gifted film and audiovisual students. For those who will drop by, don't be surprised if you see my face suddenly pop on the big screen because I play a supporting role in one of the short films, Brownout sa Neighborhood namin That Day. It is directed by my orgmate Judd, a photo blogger and fashion enthusiast who recently started his blog. Check him out!

After Astig TV's Reunion mini series, this acting thing can be a career now don't you think? Haha!

Photos by: Ilsa Malsi

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  1. you do lots of acting stints! :)

  2. @iamjillyace: no, not a lot naman. hahaha. medyo lang... joke! hahaha :)

  3. hahaha! super well rounded person :)

  4. wow!! saya saya!:) more to come, melai!

  5. looks like you had tonnes of fun! i think acting would be amazing ! <3

  6. Hey! Thanks for the plug! BTW, Cinemalaya best annoying friend ka talaga.

  7. @gunk fury: no problem! I love your make-up tutorials! :)I will link in you in my blogroll :)


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