Trunk Show in Rockwell Power Plant Mall

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Denim Blazer Bazaar | Denim Shorts Thrifted | Heart-printed, 2-tone navy and white boyfriend polo Thrifted
Shoes Trunk Show | Camera Necklace Kloi's N Klay

Trunk Show, a local shoe and clothing brand recently opened its newest branch in Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati. Considered by a lot of fashionistas as one of the shopping sanctuaries in the metro, Power Plant is indeed a strategic location for the label as it continues to expand its scope, influence and market.

Located inside the HIP, which is beside Team Manila's store on the 2nd floor, it only covers a small area (like most Trunk Show branches) yet beautifully designed and furnished. The whole space was cleverly maximized while the dominant hues of white and black made the store's overall look clinical yet clean and very sophisticated.

The store has a good mix of clothes from dainty, trendy and classic basics.

For shoe lovers, Trunk Show has a footwear collection that possesses a timeless character to it and yet can still keep up with the recurring trends. The tricky fusion of both feats was cleverly pulled off with their use of the classic shoe design types, basic color palettes and addition of certain [at times quirky] details that give each shoe a personality of its own.

Here are some of them:

See how they look when worn!

Look they have clogs too, in black, brown and cream (P1,350)!

They also have some gift items like slipper socks, t-shirts, fabric bags, checkbook holders and nail sets.

They only have a few stocks per design (of clothes and shoes) and considering how affordable they are, if you really like something, it is better if you immediately make that purchase or else, you'll lose it to another shopper for sure.

I love how this headband instantly made me "cuter" after trying it on.

Brand muses like Tin Iglesias, Aisa Ipac and Patricia Prieto have already promoted the new store and you guys must be very excited to check it out one of these days. However, to satisfy your fashion appetite, I highly suggest you go there whenever new stocks are released. Head to their website and inquire about the regular schedule of their new stocks arrival. If you happen to drop by at the wrong time, there maybe a few designs or sizes left! (Oh no!)

For some of you who may find it inconvenient to go all the way to Power Plant, you may visit their other store locations: 1) 2nd level, Trinoma Mall, North Ave. QC (across Bench Fix Salon, near food court) 2) 3rd level (Inside Teens Zone), Glorietta 3, Makati (across Toby's or 2 floors above Zara).

(C) Melai Entuna Dec 2010
Photos by: JR Espejo

Special thanks to Ms. Bem Lim for inviting me to the Rockwell Power Plant branch and for giving me a wonderful special gift from Trunk Show!

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  1. I passed by their store in Trinoma, but wasn't able to pick up anything. I love that printed floral dress, though! This is the one in their Rockwell branch? I think I'll go take a look-see. :D


  2. Ei, those flats are interesting! I've been on the lookout for great flats...although I think that means I'm going to have to wear short shorts (because I'd look like a hobbit when I'm in flats). I totally dig the white top too!

  3. Ooh! How comfy are the brown and mustard flats?

  4. Melai I love that tutu skirt! I've actually been looking for one for a shoot :D Do you know how much it costs? Thank youuu! :)

  5. @ Alex: Yes dear, this one is in Rockwell branch :)

    @ Bea: Check out Trunk Show, they have more flats selection, meron pang flats with oversized tulle design in front, may oxfords din sila. :)

    @ Lauren: I haven't had the chance to wear them the whole day but when I tried it on, magaan and feels nice on the feet, plus hindi matigas, I feel like I won't have blisters in them.

    @ Krissy: If I'm not mistaken, the tutu is around 700 plus (more or less dear).

  6. This is so awesome, melai! I'm happy you finally got your trunk show experience!:) love you you advertised the brand so well :)

  7. @Ava: Aaaaw. Thank you, thank you. :) I feel happy because my effort was appreciated. Thank you! :)

  8. ive been spying on your blog since i bumped into it :) weeeee . been following you . hope you could do the same thing .

    merry christmas.

  9. @dgap: thanks for following and reading my blog. It's heartwarming to know that. Will drop by your blog! :)

  10. i like that tutu skirt too! very cute <3

  11. hi melai! thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment. i love trunkshow shoes too. and that particular one you're wearing looks so pretty! :)

    I Am DollParts

  12. *siigh*
    Another store I wish would open in Cebu...

  13. I am so proud of you my sister :) I always love going through your entries, especially endorsing brands ala magazine-style! :) So creative, love! :) <3

  14. Haha, forget about polka dots--you look great in this two-toned heart-printed boyfriend polo! And it was thrifted? My favorite! The layering is beautiful. I also love all of your picks from the Trunk Show. Fringed wedges=obsession. Thank you so much for the lovely comment and kind support. I really appreciate it!

  15. next time I go to philippines to visit family, i'm definatley popping into that store to get some cute wedges! good outfit btw!

  16. absolutely love the white top and pink skirt! the design of your blog is so cute!

    <3 mvv

    Expedition of a Modern Viking Vixen

  17. It must be an awesome store ! Thank you for sharing ;)

  18. I love Trunk Show! I wanted to take home everything! No kidding. Anyway, I love the photos, Melai ;)

  19. all the pieces are wonderful...a must to visit and take photos when I take my vacation soon in the Philippines...

    about the's okay April pa naman pupunta ang mga brothers ko eh...hehehe!!!


  20. meream, you're here! :) *lol*

    melai :) kudos for your efforts :) trunk show started out in bazaars like our shop :) happy to know our co-bazaarista is doing well :)

  21. I'm so proud of you, Melai! I remember you told me about how Trunkshow made you an ambassador and all. Will post about the bazaar now. Have completely forgotten about it. It was super nice hanging out with you and Arianne there! She's planning a blogger clothing exchange thingy. I super hope to see you there! Happy holidays!

    sPam of frou-frou

  22. love this !

    keep blogging i love yours !

  23. they sure carry a pretty awesome shoe collection!
    oohh I simply adore your dual tone shirt <3<3<3

    eclectic du jour

  24. Oh wow, I better head to Trunk Show and check out their merchandise for myself. The fringe wedges rock! And i love your clothing picks!


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