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Brown Bag Market (Organic & Artisan Flea Market)

We are not ignorant to the environmental degradation being faced by humanity worldwide. Thus, I find it notable that Nori of Style Economics used eco-awareness and sustainable living as the basic ideas that propelled the launch of Brown Bag Market, an organic and artisan flea market, providing a platform for social entrepreneurs to showcase their products. The first of its many series to come happened last Saturday, November 20, at The Collective in Malugay St. Makati City.

It featured different stores selling clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and novelty items but mostly promoted organic beauty products, recyclables like secondhand/thrift clothes and accessories and other environment-friendly items. Store owners were also encouraged to use paper bags to lessen plastic consumption.

WHAT I WORE: Animal-printed loose top Thrifted | Nude bow shorts F-STOP (Click: Shop Asian)
Black stockings | Buckled peep-toe boots F-STOP (Click: Shop Asian)

From L-R: Bea, Ana (wearing my Ichigo shoe blog giveaway prize!), Alex, Aisa and me

Now with Denise in the photo!

This was a first for me and my shop F-STOP; as well as for my booth partners Denise of Simone's Closet and Ate Marise. I believe that experience is the best teacher more than anything and this first time will always be one of the most memorable (as well as the last and the odd, hihi). Too bad I didn't have a camera with me because JR had it rented for extra cash.

Early morning prep. Photo taken by my sister.

Thanks to Vern for F-STOP booth photos!

Another booth photo taken by Ava. Polka and peach dress on mannequin both sold to Aisa!

I'm ultimately grateful to all those who came. Thank you to everyone who supported F-STOP, Simone's Closet, Anagon and Archive. I truly appreciate my shoppers, my super loyal sukis - Ate Nel and Tassia for dropping by, my sister Ate Dimple, my best friend Micah for keeping me company the whole day, my boyfriend JR and his whole family for being totally behind me on this including their house helper Aimee for being soo reliable, my blogger friends Aisa, Ana, Ava (who came wearing a top from F-STOP), Denise and other fellow bloggers Arianne of A plus B,Vern of Shoe Tales, Alex of Reluctant Stylista, her sister Bea and friend Aliza, Lauren of I am Bourgeois and of course event organizer Nori and all the other new people that I've met during the event like Hannah of Sunday's Best, Juno and Janina of Bahagniharrie and photography workshop model April.

A cup of free coffee with friends! Thanks Kape Isla for this free energy booster!

Ava with son Athan in F-STOP's booth!

Some people who dropped by my booth were able to recognize the effort that I've put into making sure my shop has great treasures to offer. How heartwarming and rewarding that was. Again, the Lord hasn't failed in showing that indeed, He blesses the hands of those who work hard. Managing a small business isn't a walk in the park especially that I wanted to achieve a level of excellence in the quality of my products. And when people see the beauty in what I do, that inspires me to push myself more to try and achieve what other successful online shops have accomplished.

Lauren doing some window shopping in F-STOP.

Keyboard rings were the best seller for the day! Almost sold out. Mabenta to both men and women! THANKS!!

Ana bought this boater hat from F-STOP for P250. Thanks girl!

Meanwhile, BBM had a good program schedule: a photography and video editing workshop in the morning, beauty forum come afternoon and indie film showing by night. However, if there was something that could have been improved, I think it would have been a lot better if it was more massively publicized so more could come. It might help as well if the venue for the the next one would be more accessible. Above all, the market targets to instill environmental consciousness so if not a lot of people can attend to it then the cause wouldn't serve its purpose at all.

On the beauty forum, I liked Vern's make-up tips, so as Mary Kay's oil mattifier and Green Minded Missy's denim clutch bags. The idea of the forum itself is commendable but at the same time I wished for a more in-depth discussion (socially, environmentally and financially) of what real eco-fashion is and what "organic" products are rather than subtle advertisements of "brands" carrying them.

Green Minded Missy's reconstructed denim clutch bags

Ana and I felt fresh after testing Mary Kay's oil mattifier on our faces.

Though BBM had its setbacks, it should be applauded as a good initiative in trying to contribute in the world's remedy from destruction. However, at the end of the day, people will only start to take care of the environment when they finally realize that they need to think green (no sexual pun intended, haha). The best way to do that is to seriously sensitize them on issues concerning the planet where they live.

Photo Credits:
Ana, Aisa, Ava, Vern

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  1. You guys really look like you had a lot of fun! Congratulations to a wonderful stint for F-Stop Melai! Promise next time pupunta na talaga ako, sayang talaga XD

  2. Thank you so much again for the f-stop top, melai!:) love it so much!

  3. wow! i wish i am just around metro manila! so i could visit! bazaars and events like this are really exciting! meeting people and such stuffs!

  4. @Krissy: Promise yan krissy ah! Punta ka na next time.

    @ Ava: I'm sooo happy you wore the top you got from me dear. I love your take on it!! Mwuah sis!

  5. I love FStop! :) Congrats on your first bazaar melai! :) I'm proud of you! :))) <3

  6. Awww. Ana! Thanks so much for the todo support!

  7. Even though my sister bullied me into coming to the Bazaar, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Haha! This is my first time on your blog and am now following it. :)

    Totally love the keyboard rings. Winner!

  8. great event melai...wish I could have dropped by and checked our your stuff sana soon...hahahah!!! I am jealous!


  9. oh my, i wish you could go to my school during bazaars, i'd definitely buy your cute rings and clothes! and i'd love to see you in person too! :))

  10. It was great seeing you last weekend! :) Wow, I honestly admire you for participating in bazaars..I seriously don't have the patience for that!


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