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12 Baskets X Anagon Tea Party

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As a kid, I never grew up on eating bread, milk, cereal and pancakes in the morning. My nanay told me that I should eat a rice meal instead because breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As far as my bread consumption goes, it only became very limited every merienda time - the safe and trusty tasty bread complemented with various spreads like peanut butter, coco jam, margarine and mayonnaise.

I remember becoming fond of eating bread after seeing this small panaderia near my high school where a lot of my schoolmates would hang out after class hours to eat snacks. They sold spanish bread, pan de coco, kababayan, pudding, macaroons, cheese bread, pandesal, and a lot more for only P0.50 - P5.00. Holy cheap! Of course, I could never claim that their bread tasted "heavenly" but for a thrifty high school girl that I was, it wasn't bad at all.

Luckily, last Halloween, thanks to an Alice in Wonderland-themed tea party courtesy of Anagon, I discovered a bakeshop with the most delicious spanish bread that I've ever munched on (I bet Ava's boyfriend Gersh agrees with me on that). 12 Baskets Bakeshop, is a newly-opened (recently this 2010) neighborhood bread shop in Little Baguio, San Juan owned by young entrepreneur Fred Yang.

The brand name 12 Baskets was a concept of "abundance" inspired from the Bible story where Jesus miraculously multiplied the loaves and fish in order to feed thousands of hungry people. Mark 6:42-44 says, "Everyone ate and had enough. Then the disciples took up 12 BASKETS full of what was left over the bread and fish. They fed five thousand."

Though it covered only a small area, the bakery's variety of bread products are adequate. I like how simple, neat and classy the store was set up. Everything on the rack looked fresh plus nicely packed and reasonably priced. As Fred took us in the kitchen for a quick tour, I noticed how he truly invested on sufficient baking equipment and how organized and clean the space is.

Fred speaking about his bakeshop during the quick kitchen tour.

Looking at the fruits of his labor, I was in awe to find out that Fred wasn't a graduate of any college course related to cooking or baking. More was my surprise when I found out that his skilled bakers were all trained from scratch. His passion and interest for eating and having a food business of his own led him to take a baking course and focused on bread making instead of the usual cake decorating. He pushed himself to learn, practice, and develop his skills that have helped him and 12 Baskets take off. With the help and support of his ever loving partner Georgina, he hopes that the brand further expands to something bigger in the future.

Try them!! As in now na! Masarap, promise! (cinnamon twist P30/pc, spanish bread P5.50/pc, egg tart P30/pc)

All this bread talk wouldn't make sense if I didn't help myself on the brand's freshly baked treats. I gobbled on their cinnamon twists, yummy egg tarts and my favorite delectable spanish breads (warm pandesal with butter and sugar core)! The breads are all soft, light and malinamnam (better than saying delicious). All the ingredients really come together for that scrumptious taste plus the spanish bread filling is perfect; not too sweet and not nakakaumay. I kept coming back for more till my tummy was full to the fullest (diet ban, haha).

Looking for more? Find a lot of other products to choose from in very affordable prices. Aside from breads, they also carry caffeine-free Sumilao Corn Coffee made from organic sida-sida corn kernels. From a biblical inspiration to a socially relevant cause, this healthy coffee was created in support to the Sumilao farmers who walked all the way from Bukidnon to Manila in protest for proper land reform. Fred and Georgina are indeed such an inspiring couple-tandem.

I would personally like to try 12 Baskets' revel bars and ham and cheese rolls. Then more of that spanish bread!

(c) Melai Entuna 2010

* * * * * * * *

Busog sa pagkain, busog pa sa accessories! It was a successful collaboration and tea party! While scoffing breads, pizza and blue berry cake slices, Anagon's collection of accessories adorned the whole place. There were plenty of FREE (free! free!) headbands and brooches for everyone to take home. Ana was sooo galante in giving away additional rings, necklaces, hair pieces etc. I even won her trick or treat contest and best dressed of the day (Geo as the judge so no bias)! I had nothing more to ask for that day!

Anagon handmade hair pieces! Geo (Fred's gf) modeled it best!

Sorry Ava for the late (super late) outfit post! But I captured your beauty perfectly right?? Love your photos!

The intimate crowd of bloggers was also a delight. It was a great way to really have a chat with everyone other than "hi/hello" during bigger events. Anagon is truly awesome and I can't wait to post photos wearing her items. Weee!

Weeee!!! Fellow bloggers!!!

12 Baskets Bakeshop
G/F Metrolofts Condo
38 General Gutierrez St. corner J. Abad Santos St.,
Little Baguio, San Juan
0920 - 938 4212
Open daily from 6am - 10pm

Photos: Me and Ana

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  1. Amazing pics! I love your blog, following! Follow back? Kiss

  2. Melai like ko ang headband mo. Cute!

  3. I just love Anagon's trinkets. I swear. I also have a thing for hair pieces. Actually, most of my accessories are for the hair. Will be checking out her shop more often now. :)

  4. awww melai, super winner ang photos!!:) late, but winner!!:) and ako rin..i ate rice for breakfast growing up hehe :) congrats again for winning ana's goodies!!

  5. great pics!: D

    and yes, winner ang spanish bread ng 12 baskets :)


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