Fever Free to the MAX (Thank youuuus!)

10:02 AM

Hello everyone! How's your midweek going? I hope everyone's fine and feeling as recharged as I am today. Sick days are finally over. Thanks to prayers and all you guys wishing me well, my on-and-off fever and platelet count drop (thankfully) didn't continue on to become dengue.

I spent the past week taking a rest; meaning no outfit posts, haha and taking care of the shop and reading for school. Again a bunch of thanks to all those who wished my health the best and to those who appreciated my shop's feature.

Let's do the healthy dance! (See gif below ^__^)

For someone as small as me (standing five feet, three inches), wearing maxi dresses paired with heels or high wedges is a great way to add some height and create an illusion of a taller silhouette. Though BER-months (especially the cool Christmas weather) are slowly coming, days in general are still sunny and humid. Despite the schizophrenic chilly/rainy/hot/ Manila weather, I already sense spring and summer around the corner. So no need to wait for seasons to change because for sure, this two-toned, striped and floral maxi dress available in my shop will not be a closet waste!

Look fun, flirty, fresh and casually chic without too much effort. It's like two items in one. The clashing prints of stripes and floral paradoxically match each other in some way. You can even do Noelle's maxi-dress trick by tying up the bottom part to make it shorter (without altering) and add some cover-up or cardigan to style it up even more.

Want this dress? Order here or send me an email: melanie_entuna@yahoo.com. Visit my shop F-STOP (Fashion Stop) for more items or shop here in my blog!

This dress is very affordable isn't it? But if you want something for free, go ahead and join Denise (Simone's Fashion Closet) giveaway and Lloyda of Fashionista Fortune Cookie's Ukaymanila dresses giveaway!

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  1. I love the whole look, Mel. ;) eye-popping combi of floral and stripes. The first photo makes me imagine that you're sitting front-row of a fashion show. lol. next to me and anna wintour.

    Fashion Toy Gun

  2. That gif made me giggle. So cute. :'D

  3. Hahaha cute dance!!! :P
    Glad you're feeling better now :)

  4. stunning! i love the mix of prints dear!


  5. Im glad it didn't turn out to be dengue and you're all better, melai!:) that dress is really beautiful!

  6. i'm glad you're well now Melai. you even look so pretty in your floral dress! the colors are so eye-popping and lovely :)

  7. so that's why you were gone. glad that you're ok now dear. and haha, ang cute ng animated GIF!

  8. wow you look so chic! love stripes+flowers mix ;)

    btw nice blog too :)

    kisses from Russia,

  9. love the striped with the florals, so chic!

    xx raez

  10. Jst stumbled across ur blog..super cute..love ur outfit specially the floral maxi!!

  11. Awww glad you're all better! :) If you think 5'3 is short, try being 4'11... err 5' (on a good day)! haha

  12. You look great! I like your blog. Hope you will become a follower of my blog too?


  13. one word: stunning :)))

  14. i want a glove like that! love the moving picture!
    following you!
    follow me back if you like ^_^

  15. you look amazing and good thing you are fine now!!!!

    love the floral skirt and the dancing photos are just adorable...

    Kisses to you Melai...


  16. AMAZING dress, I just started following you!

  17. ah love the skirt melai! cute cute!


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