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My mom, who is 60 years of age and already holds her senior citizen I.D. looks more than 10 years younger. Her secret to looking young? None.

I grew up believing that the less you put on your skin and your body, the more you'll age with grace. My mom raised me with that kind of thinking because as a doctor, she advises me to go all-natural. Before I sleep, I just take a bath, wash my face (just to remove make-up and dirt), brush my teeth and that's it.

Yes believe it. The more I try to apply lotion on my body, my skin gets irritated and itchy. Whenever I apply moisturizer or anything on my face, it just breaks out. The best thing that works for me is when I leave it as it is. I care less what soap my mom buys from the supermarket or what shampoo is on the rack. This is maybe the reason why you won't see any beauty and wellness products here in my blog simply because I don't use anything in particular. Haha. Plus, I don't even go to skin clinic centers. Na-ah (nevah).

I'm just so thankful that I have a regular skin, one that's not too picky when it comes to cheap or expensive products and my face occasionally has around one or two zits only (I have one now), but so far no hardcore acne yet. Whenever I have a pimple, I just put a pimple gel on it and leave it until it dries out. At times I put toothpaste on it (a myth that works for me), haha.

Definitely I don't have the perfect skin; I have a lot of qualms about it but I just shrug it off. Despite my huge facial pores, oily nose, dark knees and elbows, scars and bruises acquired from my dance training, I'm happy with the way it is rather than putting tons of products and end up ruining it by the time I'm 50.

Here is my challenge for you: Leave your body and your skin product free. Eat healthy, drink lots of water, exercise and be happy.

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Like me, just share your beauty secrets and get a chance to win an Ipod from Liz of Project Vanity!
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1. Simply write an answer to this question!

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  1. Totally agree with you :) Water saves all the fuss with other products! I rarely go to the derma coz it's effing painful. So after my recent trip I swore off oily food and promised to drink lots of water. So far so good. I just wished my damn pores will become smaller. XD

    Were you able to buy anything from Sock&Sole? I commend your accounting technique. Never seems to work on me. When I gotta have it... I GOTTA HAVE IT :))

    sPam of frou-frou

  2. lovely photos!
    I like your shoes!


  3. Thse pictures are great!
    You always have super cute heels on!

  4. you're absolutely gorgeous and these pictures are beautiful! i love how your asymmetrical dress flows and those shoes are killer. i'm pretty jealous of your skin and i do have to agree that the less you put on it the better it'll be, especially if you have regular skin that's not too dry or too oily. :)

  5. Your outfit is so beautiful! I totally agree with you and your mom about being natural.

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  6. Philippines is a country of my dreams! classic in my travels to organize!
    I like your blog .... I find it colorful, young and fresh! ♥

  7. my mom raised me the same way. that's why i never learned how to put make up on even when the occasion calls for it =p All natural is the way to go! stay pretty, melai!

  8. hey thanks for following my blog!
    you've such a nice blog.
    i love the wedges that u wore and what u said is so true :)

    check my newest post here at
    i'd appreciate your comments! :)

    xoxo, princilla

  9. me naman, i've never tried going to a derma for fear that the dermatologist might mess up my skin even more. my skincare regimen: wash face with facial cleanser, put on moisturizer and apply Garnier eye roller under the eyes to wish away ze eyebags. haha!

  10. lovely photos Melai,

    I would really say that you are lucky to have a very gorgeous and flawless skin...


  11. I agree with you hehe. I love the photos very much :)

  12. love your photos melai. you did a great job :)

  13. you look beautiful. that dress is great on you! following your blog now =)

  14. LOVE YOUR SPINNING SHOT. These pictures are beautiful. So sunny. It makes me miss summer!


  15. dress is great:D awesome outfit:D

  16. Melai, yes I did cut my hair!! lol.
    glad that you get well already..:)
    and love the dress!:)

  17. cool dress girl!

    Hope to see u in my blog! =)


  18. warh.i must try ur beauty secret.
    and wow i like ur posing on the sweets.:)


  19. i envy girls like you. i need moisturizer and all the she-bang. ;) LOL
    your skin is so awesome though!

    xoxo Mode Junkie

  20. those shoes are majorly cute and I love the sheer draping of the dress.

  21. I like that beauty mantra --> less = more. I think so, too. I mean, all this self-tanning and jazz CANNOT do people good in the future.

  22. your gorgeous! i love the layers of brown shades on you:)

    xx raez

  23. Melai, where have you been?

    I saw Anagon's post about the bloggers event that you guys went to and I just have to tell you that I am IN LOVE with your yellow blazer!!!!! <3

  24. my mom's 60 too and i love it when she can get in line head coz of her senior citizen id..haha that id does magic. and i agree, less you put on the face, the more natural it all feels.

  25. Hello Melai! Wow thanks for following. Follow karma=I'll follow you back.

    Enjoyed back reading your posts. wish I'd been a fan/follower sooner!

  26. Love that dress! You're lucky to have such perfect skin. :) Following you now x


  27. i like the layers! very pretty.

  28. we're the same on our skin care routine! haha.. but i think what really helped me the most is the rare occasions of putting on make up or skipping foundation when i put on make up.. it feels so light and fresh. i hate it when i wear foundation lol!

    anyway, i just came across your blog and i love it! love the photos. do you take them yourself?

    hope you come visit me and follow my blog too, thanks!!


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  29. Hmm definitely some refreshing thinking but I fear if let to my skin's own devices, I would have pretty bad acne! I'm not super particular about face/body products but I do try to look for ones with natural ingredients (for the most part) along with something known to clear pores/ fight oil.

    You're very lucky that you can get away with such a casual approach, I'm super jealous!


  30. I think so too! But I have experienced acne so I have to go to the dermatologist once a month or else all hell breaks lose! :P Other than that I don't wear much makeup (blush and brow pencil?) at all. My skin is pretty happy.

    My mom looks super young for her age (senior citizen too) and I hope her genes rub off on me :)

    Bea from A plus B


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