Thrift treasures: 22nd Collection

7:00 PM

All of us will always be a child at heart.

And because we couldn't climb the trees anymore, nor run freely in the streets of our villages while playing agawang base, tumbang preso or mataya-taya, we will always find ways to divert our childish ways to something more adult-appropriate. For girls who love fashion, one of these is to play dress up.

Hence, my 22nd upcoming collection is full of colorful and vibrant "playful" prints and patterns, or details and embellishments. Black will be never out of place but of course, I'm making way for colors so my clients could experiment and have fun. I just hope that my customers will be pleased with this collection and will welcome it warmly as they have done in my past set of clothes.

Expect dresses, tops, tunics, cover-ups and rompers. For the unpredictable, sunny-rainy Philippine weather, fabrics chosen range from laces to cotton to chiffon to jersey to very slightly thick material (for blazers). F-STOP is known for its affordable, if not, inexpensive clothes; so I assure you nothing goes beyond P400 ($8) - all worth it for the unique and stand-out pieces that you'll get.

Make sure you leave your number here so I could text you updates on the release of this collection. I'll make sure you'll be the first to know! (*wink*)

Continue visiting and shopping in my online shop: F-STOP (Fashion Stop) and like us in facebook!

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  1. i like the second shirt!

    xx charmediem*

  2. I love the lace top. Wish I was in the Philippines to get hold of your items, but I know you are doing well with your shop...

    take care gorgeous!

  3. your stuff looks really cool.
    I wish you shipped to London


  4. Love the lace shirt, looks so pretty!

  5. sis you have my number na! update me!!!:)

  6. both outfits are just lovely! love the lacy top!

  7. @Aisa: Yes!!!

    @AstaL Thanks! It's nice to know you liked it :)


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