Thrift treasures: THE RACK (22nd Collection)

10:18 AM

How playful can my thrift finds get?

Since a lot of clients ask what more can I offer for this collection, I hope these racks keep you glued to the announcement of the release date of my next vintage collection. Unlike other shops, I don’t have a studio and the camera we use is the most basic of Canon DSLRs.

So I post processed them to look more interesting than they already are. If I were you, I’ll never miss this collection. See you! And I’ll make sure you are the first to know if you leave your number here! Sorry for Philippine residents only.

Frilly, floral and ruffled romper | Double-strapped floral romper | Pink floral tunic

Draped animal-print dress with lace details | Vintage floral dress with bib neckline | Two-tone one piece dress with pink waistband

Colorful, patched polo | Peach, lace top | Star-print top/dress


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  1. patches looks interesting. mukhang comme des garcons! anong brand niya?

  2. loving the rompers!!! :D i miss thrift stores back there.. so much cheaper that here in north america! :)

    thanks for the heads up on my giveaway! :D

    Animated Confessions


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