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(P.S.) Styling for 1896: (see related articles, 1, 2, 3) The fourth day of shooting was held in Bulacan. After the press conference yesterday at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), Janice, our associate producer said that the trailer was well received by the press. Wee!

White top | Plaid pants F&H | Cuff Bazaar | Converse sneaks | Shades F&H

And I thought it was a vacation.

I forgot where exactly in Bulacan, but I really got excited when I found out that we'd have an out of town shoot. The picturesque scenery, the vast grassland; all made me think that it would be a great sort-of break from the previous strenuous shoots. Traveling is always one of the perks when you work for a film you know.

But.. hmm.. well... it was refreshing; the smell of nature, the cool wind, no pollution and all that. TThe place was great actually; the only thing that was off about it was that it was literally far from civilization! We had to ride a motorcycle to get to the nearest sari-sari store, we had to literally climb up a tree to get a cellphone signal, and from our holding area (make-up/dressing room) it was a loooong walk to get to the shoot location.

So can you imagine? If you forget something (like an accessory for the actress), you have to go all the way back to the holding area. I couldn't describe how far and tiring that walk (especially run) is. I got lost a couple of times because all the trees looked alike, plus the grassy area had a lot of gold mines (in short carabao, cow poop) and frogs!

On a fashion-related note, this is one of my comfy work outfits. I know, plaid pants will make anyone's legs bigger than usual. It wasn't really a surprise when crewmates told me I looked bigger (tumaba daw). I just told them, "I didn't. It's just the pants." No matter how big I appear on these Folded and Hung pants, I love how comfortable they are. So I didn't really care at all.

Going back to the movie, since some photos were already released to the press, this means I could post some too. Before, I had to be discreet about it in order to preserve the film's secrecy and confidentiality (well I still am). To know more about the film, here's a short synopsis.

ANG PAGLILITIS NI ANDRES BONIFACIO is the untold story of the trial of Andres Bonifacio under the Revolutionary Government of Pres. Emilio Aguinaldo. Two leaders, Andres Bonifacio, Supremo of the Katipuneros, and Emilio Aguinaldo, president of the Revolutionary Government, made their way to fight for freedom for the Filipinos against the dominant rule, fought for a cause and for a reason to be one nation. Yet only one should rule. This was the start of Philippine politics. Ang Paglilitis ni Andres Bonifacio is a film documentation of Philippine history put to screen and megged by Mario O’Hara. And now, let the people be the judge whether Andres Bonifacio is guilty or not guilty of treason.

Lance Raymundo to play Emilio Aguinaldo.

Councilor Alfred Vargas as Andres Bonifacio.

I would like to congratulate my boyfriend! All his photos made it to broadsheets, the showbiz websites, and he was actually credited especially on Here goes to a real portfolio. I'm happy that he has a budding photography career. I'm all out supporting him and I hope one day, I get to do it too!

Celebrating for my boyfriend! His photos were used by all these sites and newspapers.
credits to: &

Photos by: JR Espejo

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