Taking care of shoe pull-outs (tips for first-timers)

10:22 PM

I have returned from an almost-two-week hiatus. Nicollo, my laptop, is totally fine now. Although I still have to endure re-installing most of the programs, I'm just glad I don't need to use my dad's computer. I'm able to edit photos and go back to blogging now. A lot has happened in my absence and it makes me crazy thinking of how I will keep up with the long line of blog posts (in my head) waiting to be published. I missed all of you!

A couple of weeks back, my online shop F-STOP joined a mini fashion show along with other online brands. As an acting stylist for that particular segment, it was my job to guarantee that I find the perfect shoes for each outfit because a particular footwear can either make or break an ensemble. Thanks to Trunk Show, I was able to complete the runway looks from head to toe.

That was the first half of the task. The other half was all about making sure that every single thing I borrowed from the brand is returned in good condition. In this way, not only will I get brand owners to trust me in handling their products; I can also expect them to probably say "yes" again whenever there's another pull-out request in the future.

For aspiring stylists, here are a few pieces of advice which may help in your first pull-out experience:

1) Check out the brand's website or branch first (at least a day before the pull-out) and create a list of the items (along with the models' shoe sizes) that you would be getting.

I went to Trunk Show (Trinoma branch) a few hours before the show not because I was procrastinating. I deliberately didn't want the shoes to be in my possession for days. Conscious of what (unexpected) may happen, I chose to keep the items for a day and be able to them give back as soon as I can.

Because of the list that I prepared, the pull-out became quick and easy. I just had to make minor revisions for the designs that were out of stock.

2) Ready some huge canvass bags.

Since I knew that I would be all by myself, I couldn't imagine how I would be able to carry and transport a bunch of paper bags (10 pairs) in my hands. It's a great thing that I anticipated because the canvass bags turned out to be a life saver!

3) Double check the condition of the items upon pull-out and make sure that the shoe designs, sizes and quantity indicated in the pull-out form corresponds with what you actually got.

The Becky chunky heels are my favorite from their latest designs. Reminds me of Miu-Miu!

Their shoe boxes now have a new cute design!

I consider this an essential part even though I wasn't able to do it during the actual pull-out. That time, the store had a lot of customers and I had to move out fast to give them space and for the sales ladies to attend to the clients at once. However, when I got back home, the first thing I did was scan the shoes.

4) It is IMPORTANT to put masking / packaging tape on the soles (including the heels) of the shoes.

When I peeled off the tape, tadah, clean soles!

I wanted to make sure I keep the shoes' condition intact. By doing this, it kept the products protected from dirt and dust plus and it helped minimize signs of usage.

5) Clean the inside and the exterior of the shoes and double check them one last time before bringing them back.

As usual, when I got to Trunk Show, I drooled over the shoes, bags and clothes in store!

Top Thrifted | Hat SM | Boots Timberland

Photos by: Melai Entuna
Special thanks to: Trunk Show

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  1. Melai, I'm wondering how do you ask permission to those stores? do you email them first or you do walk-in and convince/ask pernmission? thanks! :)

  2. @iamjillyace: No walk-ins dear. You have to send a letter (at least via e-mail). You propose the project to them, they'll decide if they'll give you permission or not to do the pull-out :)

  3. Hihi, natawa ako umextra si Diether Ocampo. :))#babawkohaha


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