Thrift treasures: 20th Collection

9:42 PM

I'm going to keep this quick and short.

I'm sorry if I only have a few photos for the teaser of my 20th collection. For those who don't know yet, I recently have a part-time job and it keeps me busy for a while and away from blogging and from my online shop. I seriously have five minutes to post process very few pictures. I promise to tell you more about my raket in the future (I still have till end of May). It's an interesting one as well. Think period, think 1890's, think history (weee).

Anyhoo, this collection, a two-part series (since I'm busy, we haven't finished shooting the rest) will be a 15-item (I think) collection. It will be composed mostly of statement pieces that will surely help you speak about yourself without having to say anything.

Laces. Animal prints. Florals. Avant garde. Tassels.

See you in my 20th collection! Visit my online shop - F-Stop (Fashion Stop) and comment for textverstisements! Album will open anytime within this week. Be sure you let me know you want to be updated!

Topshop inspired black lace top

Cute frog print (embroidered and patched) tee

Mango inspired floral topper

Be unique in this over-sized poncho-tunic

Military is VERY IN right now. Bonus: Tassel details!

Photos by: JR Espejo

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  1. just came across your blog, you have a great style.

  2. GURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRL! reserve mo sakin ung gray tunic ha!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^ hehe

    i don't multiply anymore. :( pero akin yan. haha. friendly discount? chos!

  3. Picture # 4 --i love the shoes! *dies of envy*

    I hope your leg is feeling better now Melai. You look awesome in these pictures! <3

    Lovelots, Lee

  4. oh!! i love that gray poncho!!! will surely make you stand out. and cute blog. :D


  5. I love the poncho tunic and I love that it is gray. You are fabulous... love your style! xoxo

  6. wow! another set of great items for sale!
    love the lace top!

    about your prev post, don't worry about your leg...scars are signs of our past it embarrassing or sad. just be proud you survived it...i have a scar on my knee cuz of my ACL surgery..but i still wear skirts and shorts all the time. *wink*

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥


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