The tale of the ruined legs

8:23 PM

I bid farewell to shorts and skirts.
I bid goodbye to keeping my legs bare.
And from now on you'll see me on just leggings and stockings.
For quite a long time I guess... *sniff*

It is any girl's (worst of the worst) nightmare. My legs are ruined. This is not over reacting. It is truly a wreck now and I've lost the confidence of flaunting them (or else, it'll be a major turn off).

This is what my legs look like now *sniff*. The story? Once upon a time...

(May 8, 2010 - Saturday) I haven't updated my blog for a week because I recently got a part-time styling and minor acting job for an indie film (I'm not so sure on up to what extent I can share about this project). Anyway, part of the work was to watch a komedya (a form of Filipino traditional play) for research and "immersion" purposes.

I was documenting the happenings before the show started, taking pictures and so on. I was too engrossed in what I was capturing that I forgot about the low bench in front of me and I tripped (major)! As of now, I would consider it as my most embarrassing moment!

Imagine, I was wearing something really nice for an event only to fall flat on almost my face. The border of the bench scraped a huge part of the skin off my legs. I had huge wounds on my shoulder and knees in trying to keep my face away from the ground. Plus, I dropped the DSLR! It was a miracle that it survived with only a few scratches *sniff*.

Animal print plunging top Thrifted | Chiffon black skirt Thrifted | Criss-cross tie-up wedges Fashion Stop | Acessories Quiapo | Black tube (used as inner)

I lost all the guts to wear shorts and skirts. If ever I would, I'd make sure to wear stockings. Now, I'm thinking of ways on how to style leggings and I'm about to invest on stockings, opaque tights, leggings/peggings/jeggings and pants (despite the cruel heat).

It kills me because my leg size (huge thighs!) prevents me from wearing printed leggings (it'll make them look so much bigger) so I'm stuck with black, brown and gray (with very minimal prints if ever).

What hurts even more was that in the past, I use to complain on how ugly my legs are. I super hate the little scars I got from dancing incidents, I wasn't satisfied with it's length, (tooo short) and I despise my huge thighs, especially my dark knees. Now that I've acquired this really huge cut, and now a scar on them, I wish I could have been content with how they were before.

It's worse now...

All I can do is apply all the cream I could think of to lighten the scars (since they never go away anymore), avoid anything that will show off my legs and just pray that it'll soon just heal.

What do you think can I still do??? Please help!

It's really sad... :( *sigh* Oh well...

Anyway, I'll update more of my blog when I have time. I have something to do related to work tomorrow (or later rather) and I'll be releasing my next collection soon. I'll tell you more about this part-time job as well (real soon)!

Hope you all will have a great week end!

Photos by: JR Espejo

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  1. awww... get well soon... haha and don't forget to put medicine to avoid scars. i use contratubex. it's very effective with fresh scars.

    use colored or printed stockings to hide it. or something sheer. keri yan. there are always ways. ^^

  2. aw!that's sad to know!but think about it, maybe that incident will lead you to discovering hidden roads of fashion, malay mo mas bagay syo nkaleggings!cheer up girl!:)

  3. @ Denise: Yun nga eh, I'm just thinking of being innovative in keeping my legs covered. :( Still sad about it though. Huhuhu.

    @ Toxic Disco Boy: aaaaw thanks! Yeah my friend told me about contratubex. Eh sobrang mahal nakakainis. Hahaha. Sebo de macho na lang (charuz!) Haha. Yes I agree with you, there are always ways. I'll use colored din, mejo nakakainis lang kasi ang laki at taba talaga ng legs ko so ayun lalaki tlga sila tignan unless black. Pero kebs na. Eh ano kung malaki cute naman. Hehe char! Thanks!

  4. oh no.. make sure you put cream to let the scars heal faster! :D im sure you'll still look good with leggings on!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  5. hi! this post caught my eye because.. it happened to me too! i also feel and scraped my legs. stocking and tights are my bestfriends now haha. i hope it gets better soon..


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