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3:32 AM

May 4, 2010

Today was day 1 of of week-long performance (May 4 - 8) for the freshie orientation held in school. Since colleges were grouped into different days, we've decided to dance the same routine over and over. We have an upcoming major performance as guests in Groove Central's (dance school/studio) recital so we were busy studying a new choreography. Also, we only have two days a week of training so it's impossible to dance different choreo for the day-to-day student orientation.

For day 1 costume, I suggested something that (what I think) will make us look edgy like black ripped shirts with safety pin details, sexy dark denims and nice shoes (ideally boots). I got inspired by Karl's outfit here. Impression's a big thing y'all.

However, our leaders weren't really feeling it; thinking that the costume would only fit girls and would make our guys look GAY or TOO METRO(sexual). Well I think costumes should get past the gender aspect. If you look closely K-Pop male artists (who are straight) wear pink, polka dots and even florals; not to mention make-up (as in).

I don't have any stand in the decision making aspect of the org so I didn't insist anymore (oh well).
They've come up with a plaid parade. They told us to wear anything plaid with white inner and brown-beige shorts/cargo shorts.

I could have done better (I know). With tons of clothes in my closet, it is very sad that I only have one plaid polo and no khaki cargo short pants.
I do have some hip-hop pants that I use on training days but I don't have anything beige (not even a top).

I could have borrowed or something but we had no time. The costume assignment was given a day before the performance and most of my friends don't have summer classes and live far away from UP so it would be a hassle to ask for a meet-up somewhere. Spending for anything is not in my options! Saving is. ^__^.

And so, this is what I wore. Errrr... Keri lang. -_-

Pink plaid polo-shirt
Bazaar | White tank top (inner) | Floral camouflage cargo pants (folded)
Thrifted | Circa Dunks | Baller dancemates'

We waited for so long. I was surprised to find out we were performing second to the last. I thought I'd go home early. Haha. I let my dancemates take whatever pictures they want. Meanwhile, I on the side reviewed my steps. I don't want to mess up!

Waiting period...

Pierre and Liza

Hannah and Kat

Kim, Cheska, Pierre, Angel


The performance was good naman daw but Binky said we have to do waaaaay better. Good isn't enough. We have to be more explosive pa daw.

Dancing me

Photos by Yosh


On my way home, I took random photos of stuff (while inside the jeepney.)

Photo credits: Melai Entuna, Jem, Yos (UP Street peeps)

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  1. so jealous that you can dance...
    you did well with your outfit considering they were not risky enough to wear something inspired by look like the girl in step up 2 the streets...:D

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  2. lovely post you guys love enjoyment great
    nice design looks amazung

  3. that safety pin tee is soooo rad !
    hugs and kissess
    glisters and blisters

  4. I wish I could dance hiphop! Your photos are nice!

    <3 Christine

  5. Are you from UP? I graduated from LB way way back. Hahaha!

    I love the outfit you suggested for you guys to wear. But you look so cute in your hiphop outfit. xoxo

  6. that safety pin thingy is so cool. i'm thinking of DYI-ing it. :)

    nice bumping with you here in the blogosphere Melai.


  7. wow you're UP SDC? great great and you're so fab. am from UP too ;)

  8. Nice blog!!!!

  9. aww i dint know about this til now. haaha.. thanks for being inspired. aww.. hey nakakainis ka. i cant dance and naiinggit ako.. haaha
    love yah
    love the "youthful-ness" of this post

  10. The shirt with the cross is really cool!!

  11. completely with you on the whole gender aspect..after all it's not what you wear but how you wear it :)
    looking at your dancing pics makes me wanna bust a move ;p

    eclectic du jour


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