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6:29 PM

My first birthday post was such a rush (and so dramatic as well, haha) so I decided to have a part 2 just to share how it went out.

I wore two of my recent favorites despite the fact that they didn't match (kebs). I wore a candy-colored, layered mini skirt. When I found it in the thrift store, it still had its tag. Plus it's made of faux (thin) fur or something like that. I melted. I bought it without even thinking! My second fave item is this
Tobi blazer with stripe details (including the sleeve lining). I love the stripes over stripes concept.

The ruffled chain bag's thrifted as well. My hand accessories were all from Quiapo (I should go back there soon) and got my necklace from Landmark dept. store.

Black blazer with B&W stripes Tobi | White tank top (inner) | Candy stripted layered skirt Thrifted | Chain ruffled bag Thrifted | Necklace Landmark | Rings and bangle Quiapo |

The day was celebrated ordinarily. Though days like this are supposed to be special due to their once-in-a-year occurrence, I'm just over it - the throwing of parties and inviting a large group of people; those kind of stuff.

My plan A was to take my boyfriend out and answer all the expenses (simple). After all, it would serve as my blowout. Unfortunately, the movie (Kick Ass) that we've been wanting to see (all this time) wasn't available for viewing. Movie houses were saturated with Iron Man 2. I didn't want it because JR has seen it twice (wala ng special about it if that's the case).

There was no plan B. So I ended up window shopping. I just bought a new necklace and an over-sized corset-belt. JR and I had two ice cream eating trips; then walked, then walked.

First stop: Sebastian's. We ordered a chilly burger. It's a vanilla ice cream in between two choco-chip cookies (served as buns), sprinkled with mini kisses and peanuts. It was such as splurge. Tastes good for P120!

For those who have not seen my boyfriend yet, here he is!

2nd ice cream stop: Yoh-gurt. For some balance, we had to eat something healthy! Frozen yogurt with fruits!

While roaming around Trinoma, we bumped into Igan! If I didn't have a keen eye, I wouldn't have noticed him. He looked so ordinary, better on cam I think. Haha.

Going back to SM North from Trinoma, we chanced upon KC Concepcion being mobbed by fans. She had a mini concert. I couldn't get a GOOD picture because there were a lot of people going gaga over her. Yes believe it. This is her. This is an art of KC! She's really pretty pala!

We decided to order take-out and then we ate with my family (back in my house).

Quick photos before leaving!

Back home, JR and I made his mom a junk food bouquet as a birthday and advance mother's day gift. Cute right?

His mom's favorites: Mr. Chips, Oishi!

Best birthday greeting of the year goes to Paul!

melanie mae entuna. how do i begin to explain melanie mae entuna?

melai entuna is flawless! she has two fendi purses, and a silver lexus. i hear her hair's insured for ten thousand dollars. i hear she does car commercials, in japan.

hahaha!! in case you missed that, i took that from mean girls, and it's my way of saying I MISS YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!! remember first year? soc sci 3? oh my god tears in my eyes already just thinking about it ='((

anyhoo, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! i still wish you more happiness, even though i know you're very happy right now. alam mo ba nasa bucket list ko yung: "to achieve romantic stability and happiness like melai entuna". for realz!! hahaha

love you melai!! stay gorgeous!!


Aaaaaw Paul, this is super duper mega kaduper touching. I love you bakla!

Photos by: JR Espejo

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  1. happy birthday melai!
    and no, your outfit does match! i love the mix of stripes!

    anything with vanilla ice cream always tastes good...hehehe

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  2. @gizelle:
    Aaaaw. Thanks for the greeting :)

  3. omg! in love with your skirt! to may celebrants! *cheers*!

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  5. belated happy birthday,melai!!!your photos with boyfriend are so sweet and cute!

    fabulous outfit,gurl!

  6. Super Belated Happy Birthday sissss!!!! :D

    OMG. I super love your outfit!!! They match, actually!!! :))) I wanna have a good fit blazer too. Haha. And, the skirt... graabe. TO DIE FOR!!!

    I saw na rin KC Concepcion last summer. She is UNDENIABLE GORGEOUS!!! Sobra. Parang simpleng tao lang at sobrang down to earth!! When I took a picture with her, siya pa ang nag-Thank you sakin!!! Bongga!!! :P I love her super!!! One of my idols. :P Amazing beauty!

    Anyway, I'm excited to receive your package! XP

  7. that colorful skirt is so cute!!!

  8. @gillian: thanks! cheers to you too!

    @legal: aaaw thanks!

    @jing: thanks! cute din photos mo with boyfie :)

    @yricka: thanks girl! yes, have a nice tailor fit blazer. You know, it's weird nga eh, im not yet working, plus super hot sa Pilipinas pero super dami kong blazers!!! I collect them. Gosh. Ayun nga lang. Mejo stuck sa closet.

    @Khookie: I love your styles. I'm really a fan. Thanks for dropping by :)

  9. ang ganda mo. i love gurls who cut their hair short. nice skirt! parang balenciaga +proenza schouler s/s 10

    happi bday/,, belated haha

  10. waaa...i love love lvoe the cute POP coloured skirt very adorable (^^)
    and super creative snacks bouquet...

    please visit & follow me

  11. i love your skirt and necklace..
    btw, happy birthday although it was late.. ^^
    would you mind visiting my blog?


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