As the years keep on adding up

2:34 AM

I continuously change.
I continue to grow.

I keep on going though I at times,
feel like I have arrived at nothing.
But it was all about living.

2009 was a rough year.

And though I've stumbled and fallen,
it was always an opportunity to unlearn.
To unlearn the ways of the world,
and discover that it's always about what works for you.

Though the past year has left heartbreaking memories,
a new year always foreshadows a promising future.
Instead of thinking I wish I have, I wish I had, I wish it were, I wish I was...

I ponder on I thank for __________.

For every blessing taken for granted, not appreciated.

For every good advice I neglected.
For every person I've hurt.

For every forgotten prayer.

I regret.

For every downfall, new lessons I've taken with me .

For every relationship made, some lasting till now.
For all the people who loved, believed, supported and helped.
For the Almighty who has always been faithful.

For another birthday, another year I live. I am thankful.

Post processed by: Melai Entuna

Black blazer with B&W stripes Tobi | White tank top (inner) | Candy stripted layered skirt Thrifted | Chain ruffled bag Thrifted | Necklace Landmark | Rings and bangle Quiapo | Black criss-cross tie-up wedges F-Stop Asian Fashion |

Photos by: JR Espejo

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  1. Fab outfit! I loooooove your bag (dies of envy)!
    Happy birthday sweety! I wish you all the good thing in life.. ♥

  2. @ Darlyn and Lee:
    Aaaaw thanks so much dearies for the bday pabati!!

  3. Aww Happy Birthday Melai! You look great dear, can't believe you thrifted that skirt! (: oh and, great pictures in your previous post! Pretty ni Shayna. Haha.

  4. @bestie:
    Uy! Thanks :) Oo nga eh! Swerte talaga yung skirt na yan :) Thanks sa photo compliments. I keep on practicing hoping to get better in taking shots. I know right. Lagi naman eh. Lagi maganda si Ate Shayna. Hehehe. :)


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