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Baler, Quezon was my only summer getaway. After seeing Khookie post her Baler photos, I couldn't help but share my own Baler experience as well. It took an eight-hour excruciating bus ride (I was dizzy most of the time), before finally arriving to the surfing paradise. I spent two days there together with some of my friends and classmates. Day one was fun, swimming in an isolated island which was a boat ride away from where we were staying (Bahia de Baler).

On the way (to the island, I dunno the name), the large, beautifully detailed rocks were feast to the eyes. Though I was extremely scared to bring out the DSLR because I was so paranoid about accidentally dropping it in water, I couldn't help it. I had to freeze frame the moment.

The sea had a clear, blue-green color...

and sunlight reflected beautifully on it.

When huge waves splash on the rocks, the view is breathtaking.

When we reached the isolated beach (literally, we were the only ones there), everyone jumped off the water to swim while I grabbed the opportunity to practice my photography skills.

There were nice, chunky rocks along the shore.

And weird enough, there was a small pond on the other side of the beach.

The beach was rich in vast crab species. I couldn't help. I just have to photograph them. Aren't they cutie much?

This little guy here camouflaged well with the sand.

Boyfie said this one (below) is my best crab photo. He gave me two thumbs up for it. *blush* He loved it because he likes the depth of field.

Though I agree with my boyfie, this one's (below) a personal favorite because my eyes are attracted to the pops of orange color.

I also took sneak shots of other people. I love the wave's texture in both photos.




Second day, we went for some sufin'! In describing the waves, huge is an understatement. The waves were gigantic. Every time I hit a wave, I held on to my bikini top. haha. Also, the sand is deceiving because of it's ugly charcoal gray color, but despite that, I enjoyed it so much more than the other one because the sand is really soft and fine.

I did some surfing too (pero di naman ako magaling noh!) but before you see my picture, look at this person who can actually, truly surf.

That's me... well trying.

Photo by: Kat Ybanez

More photos of the area.

I don't have photos of myself because my body isn't fit for a bikini. All photos were taken by yours truly unless otherwise stated. ^__^ Anyway, here are random photos from friends (thanks facebook).

Photos here taken from: Kat Ybanez, Shayna, Mischi, Nicole, Tque and other friends


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  1. ganda naman jan. looks like fun! mapuntahan nga...

  2. Beautiful: styles, photos, blog!


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