Full circle

8:31 PM

April 29, 2010

Life is full of unexpected twists. In Filipino language, we have this term, gulong ng palad. It's similar to the "wheel of fortune" concept. At times we're on top; happy and worry-free, everything's going our way. However there will always come a time when we have to experience how it is to feel down and depressed, maybe cry a little bit, feel lost and alone, feel betrayed, feel like everything has gone wrong.

When you lived your life getting used to being on top, to being an achiever, to having your own share of spot light, it's difficult living after a really a bad fall. Failure is normal. No one's perfect anyway (seems perfect lang). The tough part about living is the fact that you know in yourself you were damn so scared not to seize the moment. Ayaw mo nang isipin pero wala eh, naiisip mo pa rin. Alam mo yun?

How do you pick up yourself? I don't know. Just let it go I guess. Past is past. It remains there. Life has to be lived until you reach full circle. Redeem what is lost, take advantage of what's left.

2-toned black-purple bubble dress | all accessories Quiapo

I love these shoes. Yes they're simple, but the over-sized beads still make a statement. These shoes never fail to get compliments!

Shoes by VNC

The skirt part of this dress is made of purple satin that goes all the way to the back. You have to see the back part for you to be convinced that there's an element of uniqueness in this dress. Haha.

The back part of the dress looks something like this. Cute much?

My boyfriend picked me up after my dance training. We were rehearsing for our week-long (May 4-8) performance for different college freshmen orientation programs. But since UP is such a wonderful and photo-shoot-worthy place, we decided to take some quick pictures. I wasn't satisfied with the previous photos so I asked him to maybe try using this old rubber tire and do some framing effect. Haha.

See the back? Lovely right?

Photos by: JR Espejo

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