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11:29 AM

Recently, local brands are in this big battle of flying in international celebrities. Penshoppe has introduced Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl and Thai model-actor Maurio Maurer as its new ambassadors last year. Meanwhile, over the weekend,  Bench has launched Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy Hale as one of its new international endorsers joining the league of American Idol finalist David Archuletta, Jerry Yan of F4, Michael Trevino of Vampire Diaries and Fil-Am singer Bruno Mars.

These international celebrities add "premium" and prestige to the brands; especially now that the fashion and retail industry has been extremely competitive and cut-throat. This manifests that Filipino labels are making it in the global market.

The addition of  Lucy Hale in the roster of Bench's star-studded endorsers seemed to be a smart move. I've seen  Lucy in my favorite series like Privileged, and Pretty Little Liars and I've always liked her. Aside from being cute, pretty and bubbly, she actually has a good track record. She doesn't get herself involved in partying, alcohol, drugs or any controversies for that matter unlike other Hollywood celebrities her age or even those who are way younger than her.

People are filled with praises and kind words for the 22-year-old actress which I thought at first was only 16. Haha! Almost everyone will tell you that she exudes a kind and humble personality which is rare these days since fame can actually get in anyone's head. 

I find it actually a bit funny seeing local celebrities talk about how "down-to-earth" she is when they themselves act all "proud" when you see them around. How ironic isn't it? Makes you question what do they really know about humility. Haha. Pardon the sarcastic tone because it's one of my after thoughts that I couldn't really keep to myself. Something we all should reflect upon I guess. :)

But putting that aside, I feel really bad that I came to the event too late and missed her! I thought of following her to the Bench outlet store in Mall of Asia but I wasn't a die-hard-fan that would do so. I remember passing by two teenagers, begging to their mom to see Lucy, "Mom, please, please let us go to Bench and see Lucy Hale!"

Then the mom answered, "No. You've seen her already. Ang daming tao dun."

The teens rant about it, "But moooom!"

And I said to myself, aaaaw ang kill joy ni mommy. Haha! 

L-R: Aisa, Thyz, Reg, Me, Ben Chan, Paul, Arnie, Ava
Took a photo with Mr. Ben Chan, proprietor of Bench
Catch  Lucy Hale on the latest ad campaign of Bench. Take a peek at the behind-the-scenes video of her photo shoot!

Photo Credits: Aisa, Ava



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  1. It was so great to see you at this event, Melai! :) Missing you already and I hope to bond more with you soon! ♥


  2. she i beautiful! but I like the shay mitchell better :)

    Alviana Kalin.

    1. I like her too but Lucy would have to be my favorite :)


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