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Floral cover F-STOP | Twiggy shirt Thrifted | Boots c/o Shoe Etiquette | Bag c/o Accessorize | Pants 
Subtle floral on floral. Floral cardi over floral bangle.

This was the outfit that I wore during a casual dinner date with my boyfriend at Yabu. I took the time to go to the Atrium in Megamall to check out this new restaurant on the block and I would have to say that based on my experience, Yabu is one of the best places to go to for scrumptious katsus (I swear)! If you need more information, my boyfriend guest-blogged for me and wrote an in-depth food review!

Anyway, lately, I've been feeling a writer's block in my system. I've been losing all the creative ideas about the topics that I would really like to write about. I don't exactly know why I couldn't think of anything to scribble about these days. I'm guessing working simultaneously on different projects might have something to do with draining  my thoughts but I'm really hoping to get my groove back on in the following weeks.

So how are you guys? My first week of January was pretty busy. Our Bloggers United team met up with Multiply for an exciting collaboration. We will launch a campaign featuring bloggers around the third week of this month.  Aside from that, we recently opened a multiply store which will sell pre-loved blogger items and when sales reach up to P20,000 then we will choose a charity to donate it to and sell more till we reach another P20k for another foundation. We hope you can donate your clothes for a cause. Just e-mail me if you're interested. :)

On personal projects, I feel so blessed to have been chosen as the host of an upcoming big media launch for 3D Vision Philippines (on Jan 18 at Forbes Park, Makati). I'm really nervous because over a hundred of technology/business/lifestyle bloggers were invited to the event and I just want to do well and to prove myself worthy of such an opportunity. 

*Sigh* There are so many happenings in my life in just the past week and I wish I could tell more. Sometimes kasi I feel na baka mayabang na pala yung dating (I'm afraid to be misunderstood as cocky) if I talk too much about my job and the projects that happen to be given to me. 

Basta ako, I just want to do well in life. Yun lang. I'm from a middle class family and I'm aspiring for more, like most of you are. This blog will somehow show you my journey as I go for my dreams and I hope all of us will get somewhere. I'm really focused right now on my track because if I don't depend on myself and to God, there's no other way I'm going places.

I hope everyone's doing well! Keep on checking my blog. Been meaning to update more! Haha.

P.S. Thank you to everyone who joined my 2012 giveaway! Please wait patiently for the announcement of winners! :)


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  1. Aw, update more! It's really nice when people talk what people have achieved, it really inspires me :) Hindi mayabang ang dating sa akin nun! It just shows that people could do and achieve :D Good luck on hosting! :)

    Almira :)

  2. keep shooting as you inspire your readers. :) good job!

  3. Don't worry melai, it doesn't mean mayabang kana, it's just that GOD has showered you a lot of blessings and you were just being thankful for it. =) Maybe you were a bit stressed lately with all the projects and personal commitments that you have that's why you're experiencing writer's block. But I believe you will be back on track soon. =) Take care melai. =) Hope to meet you someday. Happiness to your career! Love love love!


  4. Melai, first of all you deserved everything that is happening to you right now. I am so happy that you've reached this far, we met 2 years ago 9tama ba?) hehe when you bought a skirt from Simone's Closet, and from there layo na ng nareach mo. continue with your dreams and I hope we can meet again soon!

    PS: i love your hair! Cleopatra lang the peg haha! :)

  5. super love your floral cardi! a great contrast to your grunge the entire look! following you now melai! :)

  6. So much in love with F Stop's floral cardi!! ♥ Best of luck on your hosting career, Melai. I believe you'll go places! Miss you!


  7. melai! :) you look so great and you blog's really touching.
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  8. I love personal posts more and for me those are the most unpretentious blogger there is. You are blessed not cocky. :)

    BTW, love your bangs. Hehe.

  9. It is a floral cardigan ryt? love it :}

  10. Hello everyone! Thanks for your comments! :)


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