Azta Salon's 40% OFF hair color service!

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It's been a week since I had my hair colored courtesy of Azta Urban Salon. For my readers and followers, you have probably seen (excited much) the teasers that I've recently posted on my facebook page and tumblr blog.

Here's the teaser that I posted in my facebook and tumblr!
If you've been wanting to dye your hair for the longest time, then it's about time that you do! Why? Because Azta Urban Salon has a 40% OFF promo on its L'oreal color change, highlights and streaks!

I wanted to welcome September with something fresh and THIS IS IT! I've had short hair since 2nd year college and I haven't had the chance to grow it longer since then. Changing my hair color is the best way to get that "new look" without resorting to having a new haircut.

Last Sunday, I was very ecstatic to pay a visit to Azta Urban Salon, Eastwood branch with blog sister Aisa of Drowning Equilibriums for our much needed mini "make-over." It was hitting two birds with one stone, pampering and girl bonding in one activity!

Check out the salon's interiors

Our appointment was at 2:00 PM but Aisa and I got there a little late. We stopped by So Fab! Alimall branch in Cubao to pull out a few shoes for Aisa's Manila Bulletin shoot the next day. Mich (Aisa's partner) and my mom accompanied us.

When arrived, Aisa knew right away what color she wanted (something red - burgundy or mahogany), while at the very last minute I was still left undecided. I told the hair stylist I wanted "brown," the kind that is still noticeable indoors and not just because the sunlight would hit it. The stylist said that he'd come up with something. I wondered what would that be. Hmmm...

We waited a couple of minutes before getting started because both of our stylists were attending to previous clients.

While waiting, Aisa and mich went outside to take outfit photos
Suddenly, the stylist's assistant was prepping to apply hair color on my hair without me knowing what exactly the color would be. I was anxious and nervous the whole time because I had no idea what my hair would look like. Very hesitant of the outcome, I just decided to go with the flow and let the hair experts do their own thing. 

One final look at my old hair. Yes, Aisa practiced taking photos using DSLR.
It's now Mich's turn to use the camera and take our photos
Aisa used a conditioner in her early morning bath so they had to wash her hair and dry it first before the color application.

Dun dun... and they started applying hair color on us.

Aisa's color
While I worry on the finish product of my hair, Aisa couldn't keep her mind about her next day shoot. She was calling and texting like crazy, worrying about her pull-outs and the models, etc etc. That's how hard working she is. It was supposed to be a Sunday and all she could think about is work.

Done! Now all we had to do was sit and wait. While we do, Aisa and I chatted the hours away. Gosh we've had so much chika! We talked about anything and everything that we could and still about two hours worth of sharing stories didn't seem to be enough! We are such chatter boxes. Haha. 

What I noticed about L'oreal hair color product:
  • Doesn't irritate the scalp. It doesn't itch or sting either.
  • The color seemed to take effect quickly. I have thick, black hair so it was a surprise for when I saw the results in just two hours.
  • Smells okay too!
Waiting isn't such an agony since I'm with one of my really good blogger friends!
 After about two hours, time for a rinse!

When the assistant took off the towel on my head, I was pretty pleased with the results. It was such a relief.

You can clearly see the difference in our locks! Aisa had a more reddish color while mine was somewhat orange-brown. I'm very happy with the color that Azta's hair stylist recommended. It suits my morena skin (makes it glow), it's bold and it achieved what I wanted, a "noticeable" color change!

Earlier, you've seen my before-and-after hair comparison photo. Now check out Aisa's!

Before I end this post, I sincerely thank Azta Urban Salon for this hair color service. We are two happy and satisfied clients. WE LOVE IT! Props to Azta Eastwood team!

Cardigan Thrifted | Plaid tunic c/o Penshoppe | Necklace c/o Penshoppe | Creeper boots F-STOP | Fashion Stop (SHOP ASIAN)

So guys, what do you think of our hair color change? Liked it? If you did, then you should get a hold of Azta's 40% OFF hair color service now till the end of September. I don't just advise it because we've been sponsored to do so. I'm really contented with the service and almost everyone who saw me these days complimented my hair!

Promo is valid among 5 branches of Azta:
1. Katipunan -4346733
2. Metroeast - 6822107
3. Eastwood City - 6876527
4. Alabang Town Center - 6592249
5. SM City San Lazaro - 3531433
Promo will run until the end of September.


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  1. I love your hair color! A bold move, I must say. :) I've been wanting to make a drastic change on my hair, too.I hope a get the courage soon. I've been such a plane jane when it comes to my hair. All my life.

    You look really lovely. :)

  2. Your new hair color, fits you perfectly! :)

    Kaye (

  3. Super bagay sa'yo, Melai! :) Nakakatempt na talaga magpa-color din! Haha! Ang ganda din ng kay Aisa. :)

  4. the results look great! i remember when i first dyed my hair ... i felt really weird haha.

  5. Oh wow! That's a bold change!!! I just recently had my hair colored too, but it's not as light because I'm still trying to break myself in... mejo virgin hair eh, plus my hair is PURE BLACK!

  6. Pretty!! Bagay sayo :) My mom wouldn't let me color my hair to retain my "natural Filipina looks" =)) Nice talaga! :)

  7. Your hair looks awesome! Can't believe they let you have those cameras in there. Oh wait, promotion..

  8. I'm planning of having my hair colored! How much did it cost you? :)


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