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Most of us plan out our outfits, either on a day-to-day or occasional basis. In my case, I would ready an ensemble for whatever activity I have for the following day but usually, I would just change my mind at the very last minute, the very same day, after trying out something different.

The Forever 21 Makati branch VIP launch wasn't an exception. Two days before the event, I had myself set to wearing a floral, high-waist full skirt, sheer button up and F-STOP's trend wedges. I knew a lot of celebrities, style icons, fashion experts and trendsetters would be coming so I was just hoping at the very least to blend in and not feel so left out.

An accessory from Curls and Twirls totally had me ditching that planned outfit. The night before, the accessories they sent were delivered and the moment I saw a pair of safety pin drop earrings, I liked it sooo much (no kidding, no BS aside) that I really wanted to wear it agad the next day for the event. Before I went to sleep, I immediately scoured my closet to look for the perfect clothes to pair it with. This is what I came up with... tadah!

Safety pin drop earrings Curls and Twirls | Leopard cardigan F-STOP (Fashion Stop) | Sequined top Thrifted
Salmon pants Thrifted | Trend Wedges F-STOP (Fashion Stop) SHOP ASIAN
| Bag Maison Gilfy

Being the accessory "piler" that I am, because I liked the earrings sooo much, I didn't wear any other eye catching jewelry except for a black bangle and ring. Some actually noticed how cute and unique these earrings are that they kept on asking me if I made is myself and if not, where did I get it. People would go like "Teka... perdible ba yang earrings mo?" And they would actually take a closer look, fascinated by it.

Believe me when I say I did commute wearing this!

Outfit photo from Keigh, Wedges from my shop F-STOP

I just had to include this amazing photo of new blogger friend Keigh with me! (Photo from Keigh)

Curls and Twirls ( sells a LOT of cute novelty items and unique and quirky (some recycled) hand-made accessories. Check out their store and get high with all the cutie products they have! By the way, I'm giving away a bow and button headband and a blue toothbrush handle bangle in my blog birthday treat! How to win? Click here!

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  1. Hia, I love these shoes so much...and all the colour matching the jeans and earings. So much colour!

    Check my blog out too :)

    Natasha X

  2. interesting earrings! I wish I could wear dangling earrings too. My ears are too small and an accident when I was young made my earring hole bigger. mapupunit na siya :(

  3. I noticed you've been looking thinner and thinner these days. Could it be the leopard top? Haha.

  4. hi dear! very nice blog! love your awesome style.



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