A series of unfortunate events

6:04 PM

Black mesh top F-STOP (Fashion Stop) | Black garterized bubble skirt F-STOP (Fashion Stop)
Boots Timberland | Necklace SM Dept. Store | Head piece Bazaar | Shades Mango

It comes to me as a surprise on how much I missed in just a few days of not blogging (last entry was only last Wednesday!). I've been following a number of blogs now and with all the new updates on my dashboard, it seems that I can't keep up with all the posts (that may explain why I don't regularly visit your blogs anymore the way I used to *sorry + sad face*).

How's everyone?! Honestly, I missed you all! If only I have the luxury of time, I'd definitely read each of your newest entries and get back to all the comments you guys have left on my previous posts. I know I don't reply often (pasenya na talaga! *peace*) but I try my hardest to get back to each blog and place my reply there. Plus, I'm extremely grateful to all the new and continuing followers/readers for your unwavering support!

Ako kamusta (how am I doing)? Oh last week was a bit rough; I had a series of unfortunate events:
  • I lost my cellphone... again (twice!). Summary: bought a new one, lost the new one, bought a new one (just in 2 days!). The first phone hasn't been with me for a year yet. I lost it just last July during the hectic Cinemalaya festival! Honestly, I've already misplaced countless of phones since elementary. Yeah, I'm forgetful or clumsy like that. Aaargh (frustrated much)!!! I hate myself for being that way especially when things get busy.
  • Losing my phone had my business transactions placed on hold. I couldn't communicate with friends and clients for a couple of days because it took a while for Globe to process my request to retrieve my old number back. I didn't mind the wait; because though I lost my phonebook list, at least I don't have to change numbers. That way, old friends and business contacts can still get in touch with me.
  • Also felt partly unproductive last weekend because the camera isn't with us at the moment. JR lent it to a good friend of his (which is totally fine! basta makatulong diba). It's just that, I missed doing outfit shots. Hihi.
  • I also have a hunch that I accidentally threw away the Eastpak GC (worth 2k din yun, sayang!) that was given to me as part of my honorarium for assisting Aisa in the brand's ad campaign shoot. JR was about to buy it from me last week since he wanted a new bag for himself but I couldn't find it no matter where I look (partida malinis room ko noh).
Like the ensemble? Buy now! Both are still available, order at F-STOP!

I know, I don't have the right to complain nang bongga about my little misfortunes last week. I'm also aware that other people around the world are going through heavier and more serious problems (poverty, hunger, disease, financial trouble etc.) that do not compare to these. It's just that, I couldn't help but be paranoid; thinking that these may be bad signs, a foreshadowing of an unlucky 2011 for me pala. Hahaha, exaggerated ba?!

It's so weird! After being so happy with a new job, a TV show, good F-STOP sales and more, fate didn't allow me to celebrate too much! Another set of new year's resolutions added to my list: 1) be thankful but don't rejoice too much when blessings come and 2) be EXTRA, EXTRA careful with my personal belongings!

You? Any additional new year's resolutions?


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  1. We really can't avoid unfortunate events. Sometimes it does come in series, but all we have to remember is things change :) sooner or later we'll be alright again :) Sorry again about your phone and eastpak GC :( Maybe something better will come along after this ;)

  2. no! celebrate as much as you want because it won't hurt to do so...celebrating won't cause you problems or unfortunate events in the future..things happen because they happen. so yeah, don't stop rejoicing and celebrating when good things happen to you..it's your right and it's on way to live life without regrets. *wink*

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  3. awww i'm sorry for those misfortune events! if it helps, pray to the patron of lost things.. st. anthony. hahaha i just prayed last night kasi nawawalan ako.. pera naman :((( *sigh* i think i also need to add those resolutions on my list. ay teka wala pala ako new year's reso list :))

  4. aww.. sorry to hear about it. :( there must be a reason why it happened. in fact, it's already taught you a lesson right at this moment. :) there's always a positive side to every negative one. :)

  5. Amazing outfit and lovely pics! <33

  6. What a pretty dress! You look so cute with that flower headband.


  7. sorry to hear about the series of unfortunate events! I love what you did to your hair! gusto ko gayahin yan! hihi!

    Ako i'm feeling much better now. My place by the way is still a mess because I am still waiting for some things to be delivered gahhh! ang hirap maglipat teh!

  8. wow, gastos, how sayang, 2 phones plus a lost gc? don't mean to make you feel worse, it's just a waste, but don't feel too bad, it's only money, doesnt grow on trees but you can get it back =) lovely top btw, might check it out on f stop =)

  9. gorgeous outfit! dress + boots = genius! you rock :)

  10. lovely LBD:)


  11. Lovely dress!!!!


  12. Great look! I love how you paired these raw boots with that elegant dress! Amazing!

    *From Munich With Love*

  13. I love the combination of the dress and the boots together, so cute!
    xo Lynzy

  14. Awww..I feel for you! But remember, there's always karma, look forward to better days! :)

    p.s. I like you in black. very rock princess!

  15. love your dress! great outfit!
    xoxo/S & E


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