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Background: I landed a role for a mini TV drama show for ASTIG TV. It was very unexpected and I am beyond thankful to God for the opportunity that was given to me. Thank you for all the positive comments for Reunion's Episode 1. Second episode coming up!

ASTIG TV Reunion behind-the-scenes shot.
(L-R: Mimi played by Justine Caballero, Shine played by Danica See and yours truly as Steph)
I'm my own worst critic.
I think we all are, when it comes to ourselves. Aminin mo, ganyan ka sa sarili mo (Admit it, you're like that too). All the positive feedbacks that you guys left me regarding my first starring role in a mini drama series for Astig TV were truly flattering. Thank you, for all the kind words! But you know, I still have this uneasy feeling whenever I watch myself. It never occur to me that one day, I would actually be on-cam because I've always worked behind the lens.
In the past, I remember being close-minded, thinking that off-cam work is more fulfilling. But after landing this role, I realized that I shouldn't have underestimated "talents"; their ability to memorize lines and above all, convey feelings demanded by the script. If you look at it very closely, my role didn't require much. But if you only knew... during the taping, I was extremely shy and conscious.
All through-out the shoot, I was second-guessing myself. I wondered if I was being inadequate. I know, I know, it's one of the worst and negative fears ever... the fear of failure. I'm trying my best to get past it but as of now I still haven't completely taken it off my system. I'm pushing... really trying to believe in myself, in my talent and in my ability. If you have confidence issues like me, let's walk together in this path to embracing who we are, okay? Let's go!
So far as my acting skills go, I've always been used to watching professional actors do what they do best. But since, there's a probability that I would show up in some sort of TV show or short film every once in a blue moon, I better improve or hone every tiny bit of acting talent that I have by [maybe] taking a couple of workshops.
Again, thanks for all the nice comments and support from you guys! I don't have cable and honestly, I don't know the time slot of the mini-series (I wasn't in contact with the production anymore) but you can catch the episodes first on I'll be posting Reunion Episode 2 in tumblr. I moved it there because I didn't like the fact that the video automatically plays itself when the page loads. I want my blog to be audio-free (the sound is too distracting).
Watch my mini-show now? Hihihi! (click link below)

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  1. i think most people's worst critics are themselves, not always a bad thing, pushes us to work harder

  2. Wow, how amazing that you landed such a role! Definitely a special opportunity and while I understand how you could be uneasy about seeing yourself on screen, you should take the positive comments to heart! There's a reason they picked you and the insecurities are just all in your head :)


  3. awweeessoommmeeee. congrats on the role.


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