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7:04 PM

I've shared this to a few blogger friends: Aisa, Ana, Ava and I think Nicole overheard it too during the Facehunter event. Uhmmm... I'll be on the telly for a couple of weeks...

When the first episode came out, I knew this is something I wouldn't share in this blog because I'm very uncomfortable about it... I couldn't even look or worse, I'd laugh at myself. But after some pondering, I realized that I was more of being selfish because all I did was think (only) of myself and how you guys would judge me than valuing the hard work of the production who labored for the show.

It's my first TV appearance ever so any feedback is highly appreciated. It would only take 6 minutes of your time.
P.S. They got my last name wrong. It's Entuna not Entura. They're correcting it for the upcoming episodes.

ASTIG TV special presents:

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  1. I just hate Aisa. Para kasi syang sinapak.

    First, di naman sya maganda. as in panget sya para maging fashion stylist. or whatevs. Pero aminin mo, panget sya.

    Second, sya pa yung napakaarte sa personal at akala mo napakasikat na nya. eh mukha naman syang talampakan. Nakita kosya sa PFW nun. At ang feeling nya pati mga kasama nya. Napakapanget naman nya lalo na s apersonal. Pasabi nalang ah kasi kaibigan mo naman yung pinagsakluban ng langit at lupang mukha ng kaibigan mo.

    Thank you :)

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  3. TO SSSSS: Please stop trash talking Aisa. It won't do you any good. If you really hate her, you shouldn't spend a lot of time checking her whereabouts.

    She's one of the most wonderful people in the blogging world that I've met and I really hope you find it in your heart to remove all that hatred because it's coming out of nowhere, nowhere but envy.

    Don't use my blog, tell her that yourself and please make yourself known. Being anonymous is being coward. She's my friend yes, so this is the wrong place to place in that comment.

    Godbless your soul.

  4. MELAI!! Omgeeee!! Congratulations to this! FInally we get to see you in action! You're a natural! More blessings to come like this! Love it talaga!! The smart girl ka pala diyan and hello, in real life din!:)

    P.S. wow excuse me ms./mr. hater first off, hindi mo killala si Pax para pag sabihan ng ganun. we're her friends. we've been with her and even though she's a big time fashion icon here and even international at times, she's very humble. so, before you judge, open your eyes. baka naiingit ka lang. God Bless nga talaga sayo!

  5. Congratulations Melai! you were actually very natural, no need for those nerves of yours! :)

    stupid question, but where does astig tv air? (so sorry, I hardly watch any tv these days)

  6. Melai!!!! pinanuod talaga namin ni Mich--artista ka na!!!!:) so happy for you. told you you'd make it!:) Love love.:)

    P.S. Ssss - matagal ko ng alam na d ako kagandahan, d ako maputi, para akong poste sa kapayatan, d ako mayaman---wala bang bago?:) I like myself just the way I am. I genuinely hope (and PRAY) you find happiness in your life. Simba ka girl. :) God Bless!!!

  7. whoa, i mean whoa!
    pwede pa-autograph? haha!

    p.s bat ang daming haters sa mundo?
    hindi ko kilala si aisa sa personal pero tingin ko naman ang bait nya. :)

  8. wow melai!!!! parang totoong artista na it! <3
    congrats teh! keep it up!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  9. so that's how you sound like! :) is it the same in person? hihi
    congratulations! :) cheers!

  10. Great! Congrats!

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  11. CONGRATS MELAI! This is so awesome. <3

    At, kamusta naman, di ko kinaya ang hater ni Aisa. May mga tao talagang walang magawa sa buhay. Seriously, these kinds of people don't deserve the attention. All I know is, Aisa's one of the sweetest, funniest, most genuine people I've ever met -- and I'm lucky I did!

  12. Hi. Can we exchange links?

  13. Bongga! Ung pag sabi mo ng "oh my God" pag dating nung isang friend. It was very natural! parang gulat ka nga talaga!!! congrats girl! san ba mapapanood to? anung channel?

    Anyway yang hater sobra na ah! pati pala dito. grabe ka SSS super sama mo. Anu ba nagawa sau ni Aisa para mainggit ka ng ganyan? I also saw her sa smx during fashion week and she seemed very nice to even stop and say hi back. You can't hate someone if ur not interested. You know what, admit it or not inggitera ka girl/bakla! Tigilan mo na yan wala ka nmn napapala!

  14. congratulations on this, Melai! i just watched it, & wala na, i'm really curious na what happened at the reunion!!! hahaha

    boat ride through the sky

  15. Congrats, girl!!! You deserve it. :D

    *peers at the 2nd comment*
    Ok. That was really uncalled for.

    Going back to Melai: Galing! I hope you have more TV appearances.

    To Aisa: Stay as nice as you are. :) I've always been afraid to meet other bloggers because...well, I'm a hermit. And I'm not the fashionista that my sister is. But I was actually surprised to find that you fashion bloggers are among the nicest! Really. I'm glad to have met you guys, even if I don't really go out regularly.

  16. Stef at summa cum laude ka na pala! hahaha :P Nice story! ang galing mo! natural lang ;D

    xoxo hazel

  17. hehe napadaan lng ulit--thank you for all the kind words. :) Thanks to everyone who took the time to defend me. I appreciate it! D ko na kelangan sumagot and magexplain kc anjan naman kau. hehe.

    to my "critic" (i think 1 pc lang sha kc walang originality posts mo eh same same lang everywhere) ito lng masasabi ko--- "K!" and "D naman masakit!" :P see you soon:)

  18. Hello to everyone! Salamat (Thank you)!! For all your positive comments :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  19. big congratulations! great job, following you now, hope you can drop by my blog and follow back =)


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