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1:11 PM

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I'm sooooo happy to announce that my online shop, F-STOP is ready to serve you with it's new and improved SHOP ASIAN section!!!

Before, I used to upload ALL the items in the supplier's database. This section of my shop wasn't as lucrative compared to when I started in 2009. As the selling of asian fashion [pre-order] items became a stiff competition, my sales dropped and so, I made a business decision to just carefully pick which products to sell after considering factors like the style, trend and price. I also chose to highlight my favorite pieces by giving each a separate album especially for the in-trend replica designer shoes (super affordable prices, around P1,000++ only!). As of now, the shop offers Acne "Atacoma" wedge booties, Acne "Admire" booties, JC "Tick" and leopard wedges and many more!

It took me a lot of time to completely change the whole section. Everything was deleted and was replaced with the newest stocks! I also revamped the album covers to a minimal yet chic design.

All the effort I've put into revamping the covers and screening the designs and products among hundreds of photos are now paying off. I'm getting an increased number of orders and stocks are running out fast!

All new stocks and chic album covers!

If you want anything, please feel free to order! Show F-STOP some love by reblogging about this news and promoting it to your friends!

For more products and updates:
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  1. Wow congratulations Melai! All the best for F-Stop! :)

  2. Nako Melai. 3 days ko nang pinagnanasaan yung mga new stuff mo. Haha. Sadly I am so bankrupt right now. :c but really, good for you! I hope your shop SOARS. <3

  3. Congrats on the new section! :) But it's too bad the items aren't on-hand.

  4. Super shoes, great post!!! This blog very interesting!!!)))

  5. I love all the shoesss!!! will bookmark your shop para i can buy once i have mooohlas ;D

  6. It's my first time to order from you :D I love the two-toned wedges! :D I'm excited!


  7. hay naku, ni-click ko agad ang link to check out the new shoes! so nice! :D

  8. pre order lahat ?? love the shoes :))

    ennaid love <3

  9. Oh wow! I adore the black and white shoes!! Will go check the site now. Congrats to you! :)

  10. @everyone! Thank youuuu so much for the support!

    @Lauren: I know, other customers want on-hand items nga eh, will prepare for that! :)

    @ennaid: yes everything in this entry is for pre-order. but i have a shop vintage section, all on-hand :)

  11. These shoes are hot!!!<3

    Stop by sometime dear! Maybe we could follow each other if you like??


  12. the SHOES are amazing...hahahaha!!! now I have something to look forward when I come home in the Philippines so keep updating love...


  13. incidentally, i checked back on your shop today and was really impressed by how it's going..i didn't know until reading this post that you revamped it. welp, GREAT JOB Melai! i'm planning to put up shop by summer so i definitely need your advice...<3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  14. omg!!! great stuffs!!! iwant the black and white wedge! grrr! its so tempting!! :]] gonna save for it! seriously!!!

  15. Its good to highlight the favorite pieces by giving each a separate album especially for the in-trend replica designer shoes.

  16. all those shoes are super awesome love it!


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