Maligayang bati AnaGon!

1:53 AM

Maligayang Bati (Happy Birthday)!

Let's all sing: Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday... happy na, birthday pa!!!

I don't know why, but we clicked! I never really thought blogger "acquaintances" can be real-life friends. But it happened, it's possible. Never mind aging honey! You know we (everyone) love you! Give her some birthday greetings! Visit her blog!

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  1. so pretty! happy bday to your friend:)

    xx raez

  2. happy birthday to ate ana indeed! she's super friendly and kind. ^^

  3. I'm still new at blogging but I definitely believe in genuine friendship with co-bloggers. you see...your blog is a window to thoughts you don't usually air aloud. your followers has access to this window and it's not unlikely that they know some things about you that your other non-blogging friends don't. :D

  4. happy birthday to anagon! :)

    btw, i gave you an award. check it out here.:)

  5. Happy Birthday Anagon :)

    Stay beautiful and stylish you guys. :)

    Btw, i gave you an award melai. Do check it out here.

  6. you have both style and soul

    (i came up with that just now)

  7. OMG thank you loves!!!! I am so touched that you posted a solo entry just to greet me! I love you melai! Hope to have more bonding moments with you my style-n-soul sister!!! <3

  8. that's so sweet :) ana is really loved by many bloggers (been seeing blog posts of greetings for her) :) anyway, i just followed you now i thought i followed you before.. :O


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