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Virtual trophies.

Recently, I have received a few stylish / versatile blogger awards (which I haven't addressed properly due to lack of time) from fellow bloggers in the community. Thank you to Effril, Sharina, Dred, Alexa, Aie, Ava and Channie for the award. It's a simple gesture that I really take into heart because it's nice to know that in a world like ours wherein the most stylish and fashionable are just a URL link away, a newbie like me, who's still on her way to improving her style and aesthetic is noticed by my peers.

For the past days that I've been receiving this award, all I did was thank them in the comment box but I haven't found the time to do the "traditional" sharing of random facts about myself. So here it goes!

1.) I'm not conyo. Promise I'm not!
I have no intention to offend people who are branded "conyo" but I find it uncomfortable to be associated with that "notion". If you see me in person, I'm very bakla. Pax, Ana, Ava and everyone who has met me personally can attest to that. I come from a middle-class family, living in an apartment, who had to apply for scholarships (I was a scholar under the mayor of QC during my first few years in college, but didn't maintain my grade requirement when I got a 2.0 in a subject), went to a public (science) high school in order to study secondary level of education and occasionally does part-time jobs while still in school so I won't have to ask from my parents.

A reader once told me she thought I'm sosyal and conyo. I didn't knew until then that it's the impression I make when in fact, I started this blog thinking that I wanted to relate to a regular girl who commutes, who would opt to spend in ukay than branded stuff, who budgets money wisely, who does household chores, who eats anywhere and anything... you know that kind of girl. This blog and my new found love for fashion didn't change the girl I used to be.

2.) I am a dancer.
That's a part of me I never really talked about in this blog other than this post. I'm proudly a member of the UP Streetdance Club. Though I am currently inactive from performing, I still continue dancing during my own time. I've done ballet, jazz, hip-hop and breakdance. It usually comes a surprise to other people that I can do freezes, headstands, handstands and other stunts. It's also because of dancing that I got these huge muscular (scarred) legs! Haha!

3.) I have a cat named Kitoy which stands for "kitty boy" and a dog named Marimo. Hihihi.

4.) I don't have a college barkada.
No, I'm not an introvert. I'm really friendly with everybody but it's just that I never got to be a part of any group who I can consider my barkada. I basically hung out with everyone every now and then but it didn't become permanent. My really close friends are from my neighborhood, and of course a solid friendship with elementary and high school buddies. At the end of the day, I realized that I should only be with the people who are truly for keeps. And now, I'm happy with my newly-formed bond with my blogger friends!

5.) My french fries of choice is KFC's.

6.) I don't have a night life.

Meaning I HATE going to loud bars (I'm not even familiar with bar names). Yes I dance but no-no-no to disco dancing in sexy gimmick outfits. My night life, if not inside my house, is a simple dinner or a slumber party with friends just watching DVDs, bonding and infinite chikahan.

7.) I don't smoke or drink.
It's not because of what I think is "morally upright" or "healthy". I just don't. But if you do, I'm fine, got nothing against you, don't have any problems with it (I have friends who do)! ^__^

Hope you learned something new, at least a thing or two about me! By the way, I made cute personally-made buttons here which you can display on you sidebar. Display niyo ah!

I pass on the versatile blogger award to:
Kookie Buhain of Death by Platforms
Aisa Ipac of Drowning Equilibriums
Lloyda Lim of Fashionista Fortune Kookie
Bestie Konisis of The Capricious Club
Tin Iglesias of Fashion Ate the World

Stylish blogger award goes to the ff:

Ana Gonzales of Fashionista Commuter
Ava Te of Artsy Fartsy Ava
Miss Donata of Try. Believe. Love
Gizelle Faye of Vanilla Ice Cream
Arianne and Bea of A plus B in the Sea

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  1. OMG MELAI ANG CUTE MOOO!!! Love the dance pics!! :D I love all the new things I learned about your through this post!! :)) And thank you for the award, I love the personally-made button ang cute <3

  2. I got to know you better somehow Ms. Melai! OMG! You dance? I dance too. I love dancing! :) And you can do handstands, woah! :)

  3. melai! i gace you a stylish award too! haha i think you didn't see it =p thank you so much for this!! indeed i will post when i get home!! and wow, dancer ka pala!! impressive!! napakatalented mo, teh!

  4. I wish I could dance so much, I am so bad.

  5. wow you looked so "in the zone" sa dance pics mo! love it! haha! and, i love KFC fries too! :)

  6. Wow! 5 out of 7 pareho natin! :) I just don't have pets of my own. I dance too, although not as extensive as you do. Jan din lumaki muscles ko sa binti! My night life is totally the same. No bars, smoking or drinking. Ang galing!

    Thanks for sharing. I got to know so much about you through this! :D

  7. Thanks for all the comments!

    @AVA: Sorry if I missed your blog award. I'll edit the post and include youuuu! Sorry!

  8. WOW!!! love love the things I have to learn more about you Melai...and the dance moves amazing really I was blown with you dancing my dear...

    I love KFC;s fries too


  9. You dance pala! I can't dance, so I like watching people dance. And promise, I like that y'all are bakla. That was how I realized that fashion bloggers can be very nice pala.

  10. Wow, I love the fact about your dancing! that's so random, wouldn't have guessed it!

    Ninin of the two miss fits

  11. Oh dance? :) Bestie, I think, is also a member of the UP Street dance before. I'm so envious! I love to dance as well! Being a member of UP Filipiniana has been my big what if in life. I chose tennis over that opportunity. Boohoo..*lol* oh well, everything happens for a reason. LET'S DANCE! :D

  12. Yay random facts. hahah :D I love the I'm not conyo declaration the best. hahah I'm not conyo either, but I fake conyo just for fun my friends and I do. But becky slang is also fun hahaha

  13. Thanks for the Versatile Award!!! I had a good time reading this post. Got to know a bit more about you! And huwow! Streetdancer ka pala! Kainis! Dream ko yun!

  14. You dance! You must show a video here of you dancing. MUST! :)

    Also, your cat is making me giggle. :D

  15. oh wow, the most exciting revelation of all is that youre a dancer and youre from UP too!

  16. oh my gosh ngaun ko lang nakita to! Nice dance photos!!! I can't believe you can do hand stands etc. This is cool!!

    Oh and I love KFC fries too! =)


  17. Ah! I envy you that you are a good dancer. It's such a good exercise, and such a talent! Never mind your muscular legs, they're beautiful because they let you dance. :)

  18. I'm a frustrated singer and dancer! Hahaha Naks, ang daming talents!

    I love KFC's french fries too!

  19. wow! you're so talented indeed! :D i learned a lot from you, and who you really are! you're kitten's cute too! congrats on your versatile and stylish blog awards!

  20. hello po! i just found your blog thru the latest entry COachella.. awesome blog! :) and you're a member of UP Street Dance??? wow!!! i so love your crew! saw your crew dance on the sayaw manila before, and just.. wow! *speechless* :))


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