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Birthdays without cakes is like New Year without fireworks.

"Making a wish" and "blowing the candle" are two of the practices firmly etched in a traditional birthday celebration. One can rejoice on this day without a feast but definitely not without a birthday cake. For such a repetitive event, I strongly suggest you to skip the "default cake" from mainstream bakeshops and make it truly exceptional by having a customized one.

Yes, custom-made cakes are more expensive. However, as a birthday icon, cakes have become such a cliche' that there's a tendency for a celebrant to feel desensitized. Thus, a personalized cake would genuinely create any birthday moment extra special indeed.

Last year, in order to make JR's birthday extraordinary, I searched for the perfect and reasonably priced designed cake. Lo and behold, I discovered the Secret Bakeshop. I continue to keep it a "secret" because (just so you know) my boyfriend does read this blog and I don't want him to know where exactly did I get my cake presents from *evil laugh*.

The Secret Bakeshop is owned by Ms. Charlene, a baker, housewife and super mom who does basically everything, up to the delivery all by herself. Her variety of products - cakes, sweets and pastries, are all baked from scratch using only fresh and real ingredients. She makes it clear, "No cakes with margarine; only pure butter."

Also, her products are what her children eat for snacks and bring to school for baon. As a mom, she won't give them anything less and so she guarantees that it's also the same quality her clients receive with every purchase.

From the flavor, to the design and other particulars; the customer is in control. Keeping in mind her client's preferences, her hands whip the magic and for sure, her finished creation is always better than what is expected; not only in appearance but also in taste.

Last September 5, JR turned a year older. Since I knew I wouldn’t be there for him on his birthday because of the shoot, I had my surprise gift given in advance: a camera cake! I knew he'd love it (and he did) because he not only loves food, he's also photography enthusiast like me.

I actually ordered a smaller cake that would fit my budget but being the kind person that she is, Ms. Charlene gave me a bigger one for the same price. That gesture was incredibly touching. I felt like she truly understood how important JR is to me and it made me realize how willing she is to put profit aside for client satisfaction.

Here's last year's cake.

Cute. Delicious. Affordable. For your life's most special occasions, or just an additional zest to a usual waking day, grab any of the Secret Bakeshop's cakes, sweets, delicacies and pastry products.

Where can you find the Secret Bakeshop?

How much are my cakes?

Just e-mail me or PM me at multiply to find out.

Photos by: JR Espejo


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  1. those so nice!!

  2. those cakes are just amazing.. :)

  3. This is all im going to say, YUMMY!!!

  4. cute! and you call your boyfriend "mahal"? AWWW!! :3

    boat ride through the sky

  5. WOW!!!! looks amazing...yummy!!!

    love the camera cake


  6. ohh wow those cakes look delicious!


  7. the cake makes me smile! haah :)

    CLIFF from

  8. like the cake! where o where did you have it made? :D




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