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Welcome to the work force.

One of the most obvious signs that you have grown up is when you find a third clothing classification in your closet that's dedicated for work when you finally get a job after graduation. Whether you are an intern, a starting professional or simply a freelancer, you would need to start working on your business chic wardrobe essentials.

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For freelancers who don't really work in an office (like me), there's an assumption that there's no actual need for office-appropriate outfits. Contrary to such presumptions, people who work for freelance always jump from one project to another. This just means that there will always be that first formal meeting with a possible employer where you just have to make that best first impression.

In every meeting where you need to present yourself, whether it is a job interview, an idea pitch, or a discussion of a possible collaboration or project; there's no getting around it. You will be definitely judged, at least partially, by the way you look.

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Having a professional wardrobe will help you project a competent image, regardless of your employment level or career path. Apart from the way you carry yourself and what your resume indicates, a professional front will speak volumes about your ability to do the job.

Work Wardrobe Must-Haves
You don't have to be a fashion expert to know how to dress for the office. Though dressing for work would require you to exert some effort, try not to sweat it out and simply focus on attempting to look stylish but polished and refined in order to make the best first impression that you can.

As a budget fashionista, if you want to get more bang for your buck, I highly recommend that you go for separates. Although dresses and jumpsuits are hassle free and easy to wear, separates will give you more options to mix and match.

1. Blazers: Mean business in an instant
There's no other clothing item that has that magic to transform you from a casual femme to a business chic in a blink of an eye other than tailored blazers. Whether I'm wearing a shirt or something sleeveless underneath and just a trusty pair of dark jeans, as long as I put on a blazer, I'm ready for any presentation or office meet-up.

2. Button-down Shirts: A solid foundation
Button-down shirts in a wide variety of color, print and fabric will go a long way as an official work outfit staple. I love the fact that you can still wear them even on your day off. Just pair it with flats and some sexy shorts and off you go to a mall to hang out with your friends.

3. The Bottom Line: Pencil cut [skirt] versus A-line, trousers and jeans.
Although pencil cut skirts are a popular choice, I have a certain bias on A-line skirts for commuting purposes. These are easier to move in and very comfortable as well. Other clothing items that you can sport on the bottom are some tailored and soft trousers or dark-hued jeans.

4. Tights: When skirts aren't long enough
Since I stand 5'2 tall, I tend to wear skirts that are a tad bit above the knee to elongate my legs. If your boss is having a problem with the length of your skirts, then wearing tights is a surefire trick to get away with it.

5. Be-feet-ing: Pumps and the classic work boot 
Over thousands of articles were written about office fashion so I guess it's not new to you that these two shoe types should be present in your footwear collection. Heels that add height are a must especially to those vertically challenged. However, in order for you to last the office hours in heels, I suggest you go for the platforms or the chunky-heeled ones for extra ease. Stilettos can be quite deadly. Also never forget to change to your flats in between.

Indeed, dressing for work can be quite challenging especially if you're new to this. Wearing the "appropriate" clothes can also be confusing. What does it really mean? Sometimes it's hard to know what's the right thing to wear on the job and what isn't. Standards differ from one office to another. Just remember that acceptable office dressing will always depend on your company's culture and where you live.

As you start to build your work wardrobe, never forget that despite certain limitations, you can still pretty much inject and showcase your own sense of style in the professional context. Never be afraid to experiment because most certainly, personal style has its place at work. (30)


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