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Sometimes, we just really need a break from life.

You agree with me, right? I'm not sure if you remember, but in one of my previous posts, I've shared how unhappy and restless it has been for me to work so hard to make a living and never took the time off to give myself the chance to enjoy and have fun.

Many of my goals and dreams have made me over-schedule my days, rush through my to-do list and keep myself busy 24/7. Imagine, in order for me to realize how valuable it is to simply slow down and live, I had to reach a breaking point and feel miserable about my life. 

As we focus on our ambitions, let's say, starting a business or climbing a corporate ladder or assuming on new responsibilities (like having a baby or something), it's easy to get caught up with all the work. It didn't really occur to me how necessary taking a break is, not until I actually allowed myself to have one.

So ask yourself, when was the last time that you had a break? Last summer? First of all, I'm not talking about a vacation. And second of all, I say, take any form of break (at least one day) every week. Trust me, when you wait for the perfect moment to take one, it never seems to come because there will always be something to do or take care of.

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In my case, the best way to rejuvenate and refresh my mind is to take a quick trip out of the metro. Getting away doesn't necessarily mean you really have to go that far. Not a lot of you know this, but I always go to Tagaytay whenever I needed some sort of escape. My boyfriend's family has a second home there along with a few horses (yey for free horseback riding), plus it has a pretty cool weather that we all love, and  it's just more or less a two-hour drive away. 

Since my boyfriend and I have been staying in the same house every time we visit Tagaytay for the past four years of our relationship, we've gotten a little tired of it and figured that it would be good for both of us to check out new accommodations for a change. One of the most perfect spots that we found around the area was Puzzle Mansion Bed and Breakfast.

I basically fell in love with the place because of two simple reasons, it was secluded and peaceful. You have to drive a little further away from Tagaytay's business area to find its location between hills of grasses and sights of pineapple fields. If you hate going to a crowded hotel or resort (like me), then that will never be a problem here because it only has a few rooms, giving you your much-needed silence and privacy.

This bed-and-breakfast is aptly named the Puzzle Mansion because it features an interesting gallery of over 300 jigsaw puzzles acquired from all over the world by its owner, Gina Lacuna. The collection, which is the main [unique] attraction of the area, contains puzzles of different sizes and designs, from cartoon to classical paintings for art enthusiasts.

Each of its room offers a homey ambiance and comes with its own bathroom and shower, air conditioning, television set and classy furnishings. The whole look is minimal yet quaint, a good idea for your personal room interiors. Other usual amenities can also be found in the place - an infinity pool, WiFi and a 400-square-meter function hall which you may rent out for events and corporate activities.

Since finding the place requires a bit of an effort, it would be better to bring your own means of transportation. Cellphone signal is also a bit weak and the place isn't highly recommended for people who travel alone on a tight budget. Considering the rates, I find the place best for family and big barkada (so you guys can chip in) or company outings.

Unless you have some extra money to spare, then splurge on its P4,000+ worth of rooms (starting price per night). Yes, some of you might find it pricey but I leave that up to your own discretion on how you spend for your well-deserved "me time".

Taking a break from all your pile of work and busy schedule is healthy. However, I didn't mean that you have to automatically go out and burn cash somewhere (though that sounds fun, haha). There are many ways in which you can take the time off for yourself. But if you have the budget and you really feel the need for a getaway, then by all means, get out of the city and take a retreat. It's a sure-fire way to de-stress, relax and feel fully recharged when you come back (to "reality") and take on all the responsibilities that you have put on hold in order to put yourself first. (30)

For more information on Puzzle Mansion Bed and Breakfast, visit its Facebook page or log on to For inquiries, you may contact Richard Lacuna via mobile 0905.225.0229.

Disclosure: I received free accommodation courtesy of Puzzle Mansion. Click here to read more of my blog's Disclosure Policy. Location photos were grabbed from Puzzle Mansion's face book page.


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  1. OMG that looks like an awesome place! I wanna go there.

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  2. Looks like a pretty place! :)


  3. Much needed relaxation for you, Melai!! :) Love your whole ensemble, btw! ♥ I'm so happy you had the chance to getaway kahit sandali! You deserve it. :D


  4. Hi, love!
    I found your blog very intresting! A lot of inspiration for myself!!!

    I would like to keep in touch with you. Would you like to follow each others blog on GFC and Bloglovin?

    Lots of love & Great weekend,

  5. wow! nice place. so relaxing to have a vacation there :)

  6. very well written Miss Melai! Thanks!


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