On farewell and friendships

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A few weeks before turning one year older a month ago, I realized that I don't like throwing a big party - the kind that I used to when I was a kid where a lot of people would come; all my neighbors and classmates, including the ones I'm not really close to.

What supposed to be an intimate and cheery birthday dinner, turned out to be a bittersweet one. Dianne, one of my girl friends, would be migrating to US and was scheduled to leave the week after. Among our group of ten, I am pretty tight with her. The thought of losing that someone who I could make that surprise call or visit to when I really need someone to talk to, is just really heart breaking. Yes, I do need my friends but I'm grown-up enough to be able to understand that they have to live their lives. We're not high school anymore. We're... getting old and getting a life, haha.

Next week, another one within the same group will leave too for a job in Dubai *sigh*. We had our last dinner the other night and we all swore to keep in touch using facebook and skype. With a lot of my most valuable friends leaving, one of my regrets is not being able to see them and bond with them as much as I could, as much as I should have. Last year, I spent a lot of my time going to product launches, socializing with "people" and immersing myself in the world of blogging and events because I didn't know better.

Although it's never a goodbye and our friendship will definitely thrive despite the distance, there's a hint of sadness when I think about the moments that I want to spend with them, the chats I would love to share in person and the tears that I can only show them.

Since the rest of my barkada's still around, we all made a vow to meet up as often as we can.

I know you have your own set of friends too. And trust me, you should keep your long-time friends as as long as the thought of forever exists and hold them dearly in your heart because usually, you never know how new relationships would go. Life has taught me well. I learned that new-found friends can leave you hanging, burned and broken. The thing about old friends is that they will accept you at your worst and will help you pick yourself up when you have fallen - not leave you behind. That's how much they care and how much they believe in whatever that's good in you. 

This entry is dedicated to Vanessa Martinez, Gicelle Canlas and Dianne Chan, three of my close friends whom I share about a decade of friendship now. Absence will indeed make the heart grow fonder. All our support to your overseas endeavors.


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  1. I agree with what you said about old friends! Such an inspiring post, Melai! :-)
    Anyway, cool photos! I love them!


  2. Melai!

    I couldn't have said it better. Sometimes you don't really need other people to make you happy, your most loyal genuine friends are enough.:)

    Carmi C.

  3. Awww, I super agree with this Ate Melai! >:D<
    Love the outfit. :)

  4. such a cute girl ;)

    greetings from Munich,
    Eros (www.HermesIsMyDad.com)

  5. I can relate to this post kase alam mo naman, I left Manila last year and I left all my closest friends behind :( I actually cry sometimes pag namimiss ko yun best friend ko and I can't wait to see her again.. Its true what you said though about real friends.. So dont worry, kahit magkalayo na kayo, the friendship will ALWAYS be there no matter what.. Kahit hindi na kami everyday nagkakausap ng best friend ko, alam ko she will always be there for me and I will always be there for her. Wow pati tuloy ako napa-drama.. Hahaha!!

  6. Completely agree with keeping old friends. They're the ones who last a lifetime. :) Cute outfit, by the way!


  7. Your quote on the second picture: AMEN.



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