A sneaker story

10:00 AM

Tiger print tunic and acid wash denim jacket, thrifted | Sneakers c/o Keds
Braided neck piece Extreme Finds | Turquoise long necklace Diva | Gladiator bangle Bazaar
Rings, brown and black thin bangles Random | Printed bangle Tomato
Messenger bag Accessorize

Once upon a time, not too long ago (December last year), I was invited to a sneaker-painting session with talented artist CJ De Silva courtesy of Keds Philippines and Brown Bag Market. At first, I was hesitant. I told myself, "Yeah, it sure did sound exciting but the last time I was 'artistic' was way back in 2009 when I used to design the pages of my planner." 

2010 marked the year when I began to doodle less and kept my planners simple and neat instead. After years of not drawing and/or coloring anything, I felt unworthy of such invitation for I didn't want to make a fool of myself by coming up with a kiddie project side by side the works of creative souls like Tin Iglesias, Ana Gonzales and Ava Te, to name a few. Also, the fact that other renowned illustrators like Danika Navarro and Valerie Tan had also designed for  Keds was pressuring enough.

"Should I go?" I asked myself.

What the heck. And I went for it.

Upon my arrival, I was welcomed by friendly and lovely faces, Kaye Ko and Katrina Ong of  Keds. Like Cinderella's godmother, they gave me a pair of shoes which were far from glass slippers, but rather plain white sneakers which fitted me perfectly.

Then came our mentor, CJ De Silva, the Promil Kid of the 90s. She graced the event without the air of being the know-it-all and treated all of us as equals. In every step of the way, she was there to guide, assist and advise us as we work on our own pair.

By the end of the evening, I was proud to whip out something minimal but totally me.

**THE END** 

I know this entry is way too late but still, all the love and thanks to  Keds Philippines (Ms. Kaye and Katrina) and Nori of BBM for encouraging me to customize my own sneakers. It has tapped my artsy side and the whole experience was memorable and inspiring. The one that I came up with totally matched a lot of the items in my closet. It was an awesome, early Christmas gift. Lavet!


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  1. hi dear :) when & where is the annoucement of your blog giveway winners :)
    super excited!

  2. I love how you designed your shoes, Melai! Still artistic and it showed your edgy style. :)


  3. i've yet to buy my own pair of sneaks what with the Sinulog Grand Parade happening on Sunday! Comfort is key! i just might drop by Keds tomorrow! nice design, melai!

    toni perfumed red shoes

  4. Absolutely love how your sneakers ended up! Great outfit <3

  5. @Rochelle: Hi please wait! :) Haven't really started counting the entries. Will get to it during my free time.

    @Arnie: Thanks Arnie! It's pretty simple if you've seen Ava's haha but thanks!

    @Toni: Naku! I wanted to go to Sinulog din eh if only. Haha. Wait, thanks for appreciating the design!

    @Dressing Up: Thanks dear!!!

  6. Having a hard time posting comments here melai :( why kaya? it kept asking me to sign out..

    on the post, nice sneakers!

  7. Oh, I love how you styled your own KEDS shoes. I'd be buying it if it's for sale.


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