Commuting in Style: Simple outfits made interesting

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My very first set of tips in my Commuting in Style segment garnered so many views and feedback and I'd really like to thank my readers for being supportive. The feeling of being relevant to a group of people is overwhelming and this inspired me to keep on writing for this blog series whenever I have the time.

In my previous post, I told you guys that Globe has invited me to the premiere night of Won't Last A Day Without You, a local movie starring Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson. Because I've been completely catching up with my backlogs due to my busy work schedule, the movie has already passed and doing a complete movie review about it would be useless since almost everyone (in the entertainment category) has written about it. Unlike my in-depth Rosario movie review, I decided not to publish any article about this rom-com movie anymore.

But overall, it was a pleasant but crazy experience and I've witnessed how fans are truly committed to the stars they idolize. Thanks again to  Globe  for inviting me. :)

Detachable collar DIY | Bangles and silver pearl ring Bazaar | Tiger ring SM Dept. Store | 
For the premiere night, I decided to go for something very laid-back and comfortable. The camera battery ran out but thank God, JR got me one great shot which showcases what I wore that day (the other shot, well I had my eyes closed, haha). Having only one photo and another cropped in so many ways will make this blog entry incredibly dull. But since I didn't want this outfit to go to waste, I opted to provoke attention by writing another entry in my  Commuting in Style  series!

I know not all of my readers are fashion bloggers and there are a lot of you who find it really difficult to pull off the type of outfits that we wear on our blogs - overly styled and excessively accessorized. It's even harder to dress up if you're a fashionista commuter like me. However, like what I always say, achieving a balance between safety, comfort and fashion is possible. And the same goes with dressing up simply and at the same time being your fasyon self.

Over-sized tunic Thrifted | Bag c/o Accessorize | Shoes & socks SM Dept. Store

Accessories ALWAYS Do The Trick
It always boils down to accessorizing. Mix and matching your rings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces, and hair pieces can instantly transform any outfit. Just wear a different set of trinkets every time you wear the same outfit and you don't have to worry because it will never look the same. 

To give you the core of this outfit, let me share to you what I wore:
1) an overly loose tunic (with denim shorts underneath)
2) my gray everyday messenger bag courtesy of Accessorize
3) classic black boots from SM Department Store

Simplicity doesn't equate to being boring. And to avoid completely looking like a plain Jane and to stay true to myself, I accessorized (as simple as that)! I put on: spiked earrings, tiger ring and checkered socks all from SM, self-made detachable collar, silver bangles and pearl rings from a bazaar.

P.S. While on public transport, remove all your accessories first and put them on at the comfort room when you get to your destination. :)

Make a Statement with Your Bag or Shoes
I kept everything else on this outfit low-profile because I'd like to highlight my quirky and colorful detachable collar. But if I were to put on this outfit again, I'd definitely wear it differently by adding a printed bag or slipping on a pair of printed or show stopper heels. That would make a totally different story.

If you're not an accessory-type of person, then keep the accessories on a minimum and go for statement bags and/or shoes instead. Wear something with attractive prints, bursting pop of colors or weird design and unique forms.

P.S. When commuting, wear your trusty flats first then slip on those statement heels when you get to the event. 

Practice Your Mix and Matching Skills
I was once totally clueless on how to effortlessly repeat outfits and be able to make them look brand new with every wear. For other people, it comes as a natural gift. For some of us, we would have to train ourselves for it. What I do is, I read ample fashion magazines (or blogs/websites). I always look for style inspirations on wardrobe sites like lookbook and chictopia. Plus, I practice at home by preparing outfits a few days in advance or just dress up for nothing, haha. Looking good also takes effort yah know. :) 

I hope in one way or another, this post has helped those fashionista commuters who wanted to look interesting but at the same time not over-the-top when they take public transport. To end this post, I'll share with you one of the many ways, I've worn this outfit. This was taken during one of my styling stints. Paired it with combat boots, red bowler hat, fur vest, dove necklace and black cuff. 

See? Looks totally different right? Another way I've worn this outfit as seen in this post.


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  1. I love this post :) Hope ro read more of your commuting in style series :)))

  2. @iamcolorful: Hey! Thanks! Glad you liked this post. :)

  3. Your title caught my eye! And that collar that I totally envy! Amen to fashionista commuters! I totally get why we can't dress up entirely because we have to commute! I even just add on accessories later on when I'm already in the mall or something. Just to be safe! Happy Holidays Melai! :)

  4. As always melai, I can relate to you! :) Though I am more of a flats and boots person and less on heels, but nonetheless, I agree with you, accessories always does the trick. :)

  5. This is such a gorgeous look! We can definitely rock oversized tunics with accessories! ♥ Looking forward to your next "commuting in style" posts!! Miss you Melai!



  6. i can't pull off a pony! love the look melai :) simple but definitely not boring :)

  7. I love this post! And the accessories thing? Definitely applicable sa MRT. Haha. Thanks for posting this! Love your look :)

  8. Thanks for taking the moment to consider this, I believe powerfully about it and love learning more on this topic.

  9. one of my resolutions for 2012 is to dress up for myself, not for anybody else. and being a commuter myself (cant call myself a fashionista hehe), your tips really help a lot! :)


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