Philippine Fashion Week opens today

12:06 PM

I'm excited for the upcoming Philippine Fashion Week (PFW) that will be starting later this evening. However, I don't really get why other people feel the need to attend everything on this list unless they are part of any media (television, radio, online and print) company. There's nothing wrong with being a fashion enthusiast but to try so, so hard just to get invited and be seen in almost all shows doesn't really make anyone better than the other.

I'm not minding anyone's business. Go lang ng go! I just don't want to be constantly asked how to get invites because I don't know.

Here's the complete schedule that I just lifted over the internet. I'm sure all the clothes that will come down the runway will be available for all of us to see anyway (in clear photos, details and complete description) on magazines and online media sites. 

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  1. I definitely agree with you dear! Just go and watch the brand you personally love and have fun! <333

  2. true with what you said here melai. i was asked din how to get invites. but like what i just said on my today's post, I didn't get any invites pa, i mean the real paper invites hehe :) so if walang invites, keri lang oks lang, if meron thank you. :)

    mejo hesitant din ako to go to SMX ksi it is far form where I live. :)

  3. Hi Melai, I couldn't agree more! I also find it weird.. but I guess to each his own :D

  4. Hope to see you there Melai. :)

  5. Amen! People ask me to how I get invited and even ask for invites but I really don't know know what to answer. PFW should be fun!:) not pressuring. :) Go lang ng go!

  6. I love fashion weeks! I get such an adrenaline rush from all of the shows and pictures.
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