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For this weekly shopping guide, Style and Soul features some brands you might want to check out this weekend if you definitely want to shop more of what your money's worth is!

OXYGEN's Denim Revolution: Reversible Jeans!

Since the day OXYGEN revamped the clothing styles they bring to the market using extra edgy pieces, they've never stopped moving forward. They've consistently come up with clothes that fashionistas would love to wear. And now, they step up their game and hold their claim to revolutionize your daily denim wear.

Presenting... Oxygen's REVERSIBLE JEANS! These pants are no doubt the coolest twist that has ever happened to your normal everyday blue jeans. Twice the style, twice the quality, twice wearability but only for the price of one. Indeed, that's good news for budget fashionphiles like us.

As a budget fashionista, I'm in constant search for items that make me see the value of my money and this is one of them. It's also perfect for those mobile, always on-the-go fellows who instantly want to change up their looks in just one flip.

Everyone seems to want their own pair so I suggest you get one before it's out. It comes in different washes such as gray, dark blue, black and others. Drop-crotch or skinny? It's up to you!

While you're at it, pair these denims with comfy graphic tees from the Oxygen X Series: Roy Macam. These photographic shirts have been released for quite some time now, only for P499.

Dynamic, fresh and exciting. That's how OXYGEN has been these days. I'm sure it doesn't stop here. I have a feeling, there's more to come for sure. So don't miss out on the latest by liking the Oxygen page on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @oxygenclothing for more exciting treats.

Seriously check them out, I love the brand as well and I have my fair share of Oxygen style. Check out my Oxygen tags. :)

Pure by Paradigm Shift


Paradigm Shift, the avant-garde retail brand brought to you by Karl Leuterio and Mike Magallanes is out with a new collection - PURE! In today's trending styles with bursting colors and prints, the deviant brand has negated the trends yet again with its lustrous all-white collection influenced by the Japanese idea of minimalism and reaffirming the beauty of fluidity.

Paradigm Shift isn't cheap. It comes with a price worth of its unique, daring and head-turning designs. That's what you're paying for. Pieces from the PURE collection may look simple but can actually be worn in various ways for a wide range of styles and aesthetic. The lightweight material of the clothes was made of single knit cotton, chiffon and mesh that lead you into dreamy state with sheer trails, easy silhouettes, undulating drapes.

They've also added a few accessory designs like intestine-like neckpieces and cuffs made of cotton wool created to balance the blank and unadulterated clothing.

Like them on facebook and visit their site!

Simone's Closet Rainy Day Collection

It's not just "raining" these days. It's definitely the typhoon season here in the Philippines. And for this kind of weather, I understand how difficult it is to actually be fasyown. Well, you might get help from online shop Simone's Closet fab thrift finds from her previous collections and this latest one - Rainy Day Collection. She has also released cutie fringe necklaces that I'm thinking of getting, really. So drop by! It's within a click! :)

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  1. the sheer knit attires are the coolest I think, I love how light they feel!

  2. P.S forgot to mention but you have a great blog as well and I followed you too!!

  3. now i know where to shop the right clothes. :)


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